Art Activities

“Our bodies have turned to Gold”

Artist:Kristiina Koskentola ( FI )
Dialogue Guest:Tu Zeng


DAC Lecture | Encounters: From the gallery to urban space

Speakers:Ian McArthur(AUS), Luke Hespanhol(AUS), Stephen Goddard(AUS)
Host:Tu Zeng
Dialogue guest:Tao Jiang


「Harmony and Peace」 French Artist: Alexandre Dang Performance + Solo Exhibition

Artist: Alexandre Dang (FRE)
Curator: Tu Zeng
ExecutiveCurator: Jing He

2018.12.02 - 2018.12.16


Resident Artist: Mengnan Wang
Curator: Tu Zeng
Executive Curator: Juren Chen

2018.11.11 - 2018.11.25

“Matter - Vibration - Space” Live Concert by Francesco Pellegrino

Resident Artist: Francesco Pellegrino (ITA)
Art Director: Tu Zeng
Curator: Jing He

2018.10.31 - 2018.11.03

Waldemar Tatarczuk from 8,000 Kilometers Away

Lecture Time: October 25, 2018, 3:00-4:30 pm
Lecture Address: Meeting Room of Dimentions Art Center
Artist: Waldemar Tatarczuk (POL)
Dialogue Guest: Zeng Tu
Host: Hu Yanzi

2018.10.25 - 2018.10.25

DAC Artists in Residency | “No Ending”Solo Exhibition by Mengxi Ge

Resident Artist: Mengxi Ge
Curator: Tu Zeng
Executive Curator: Juren Chen

2018.10.20 - 2018.11.04

DAC | ''Let The Emotions Flow ''

Curator: Tu Zeng
Executive Curator: Taomeng Cui
Exhibition Assistance: Yuanshuai
Poster Design: Yuhang Lu