DAC Artists In Residency (DAIR)  is a multi-dimensional art research and exchange platform with “contemporary”, “experimental”, “locality” and “publicity”. DAC is committed to materializing the symbiosis of art and society, facing the local social scene and cultural background under the context of the current era of international contemporary art environment to carry out cross-disciplinary, cross-media and interdisciplinary integration through researches on theoretical practices with open, innovative and experimental mindset.

DAC continuously recruits and invites artists, curators, designers and other professionals from all over the world to Artists In Residency and provide months of local residence and works presentation opportunities. DAC helps all kinds of professionals carry out theoretical research in locality and practices in creation on this platform, exerting their creativity with freedom. To this end, we also channel resources from various fields and leverage reasonable social cooperation and resources to materialize the social effect of art, the revitalization of the region and the symbiosis with joint efforts. 

    Dimensions Art Center is a research institution that aims to serve the needs of today’s society. To support and nurture artistic talents, folk research groups of art and culture , DAC has created a platform for cultural innovation and research. The research environment and academic support provided by DAC give artistic pursuers favorable conditions and a professional academic atmosphere, which is conducive to the fulfillment of their potentials and lead to research findings that meet the demands of the times.

    Through this platform, DAC aims to explore a model of complementary collaboration between third-party art institutions and independent folk research groups to address the weaknesses - nearsightedness and the profit seeking nature - plaguing the current arts and culture industry. In addition, to provide the artists and the like is to full its social responsibility as a third-party institution.
    By now, through the platform, DAC has provided research studios for 13 folk groups working on photography, music, carpentry, vegetation dyeing and pottery, urban culture research, arts and culture we-media , and art charity.