About Academy Research & Exchange Platform

In 2015, DAC upgraded to a multiple academic research and exchange platform to meet current social development needs in China by carrying out Supporting Plan to Research Studios based on former International Residency Plan. The platform is designed to provide a residency and research space for artists, designers and researchers with profession and academic diversity. They may stay short or long term to research and exchange for more possibilities.


We Provide

Space: 550㎡ exhibition hall, one independent studio;


· Invite advisors from many a field as art, education and science etc on irregular basis to provide constructive counseling from international perspectives;

· Provide professional help from photo, metal, wood, dyeing, music studios in the center;

· Engage in social projects (Details on Social Projects) to understand local texture;

· Professional assistance from center stuff (on sculpture, behavior, picture, video, design, etc);

Daily Function:Public space and appliances as Cafe, kitchen, bathroom, laundry.

About International Residency Plan

DAC International Residency Plan receive applications of artists, designers, curators, writers etc from home and abroad. We are able to host 15 resident artists at the same time for 1-12 months in Chongqing. Meanwhile, we encourage emerging young artists (less than three years after graduation) to apply and we keep six free seats for them.

DAC International Residence Program (IRP) stands out in three characteristics as Experimental,Site-specific and public-interactive.

Experimental - Experimental Exploration of Art Creation Language. We try the best to provide as much help as free spaces to ensure artists to experiment via our IRP and we encourage artists to break through old boundaries and explore in uncertainty.

Site-specific - Theme of Art Creation And The Process Carried out Site-specificly. We encourage our resident artists to interact with local sites and culture contexts with in-depth pondering on interaction of art and localities.

Public-interactive - Interaction of Art Content and Works with publics. DAC pay great attention to social intervention of art and interactions with publics. Any artist interested in public interaction is welcome to join our IRP, carrying out research and practice in DAC social programs (More Information on Social Program Section). Artists are also encouraged to attempt creation in public interactivity during residence.

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About Supporting Plan to Research Studios

Supporting Plan to Research Studios was carried out in 2015 by transforming studios of International Residency Program as academic research studio group with elites and talents. We expect the research platform can help establish a buffering area for starters in research or business and gather talents from various fields to open discussions and forums. A sustainable mechanism of assessment and phase-out will be applied to best suitable research teams with no compulsory terms.
Up till now, Yunsi Handwork Wood Studio, Iron Metal Studio, Qiri Dyeing and Fabric Studio, Music Studio and Photo Studio are under operation while Interactive Media Studio, Wuke Home-Stay Culture Research Studio and Landscape Design Research Studio under construction.

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