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| Artist Readme |

I am interested in working with the space and with the way artforms affect it.


The area of my artistic activities is shaping of thespace in which people function in such a way that their activity imposes theshape on thespace, transforms it depending on their expressions, state ofemotions andfinally so that a comprehensible dialogue may be conducted withinit. My artistic interests focus on interpersonal arrangements embedded indefinedspaces also with participation of sound aspects. Problems of the man’s activity in social relations and in everyday life is a source of observationfor me. I try to redefine conclusions from observations and to introduce them directly in physical manner in proposed co-participation of spatial arrangements and to enrich them with a sound aspect. It is connected with evolution, and also changeof medium used, whereas it is extended fromsculpture through video installations to drawing constituting an essential partof the processside-specific objects especially space-sound installations and video installations. 


Presentation of works and lecture explaining the idea of use space as a context for the creation of site specific pieces of art: soundinstallations, sculpture, drawings,and video. 

- Ewa Maria Śmigielska




 | Artist Introduction |


Ewa Maria Śmigielska

1987.07.28 Warsaw


She is the author of scenography, costumes and the co-author of a video to an operas - Transkryptum - that was directed by Wojtek Blecharz and which was exhibited at the National Opera in Warsaw in 2013. And for "Body Opera" exhibited in Nowy Teatr in Warsaw Poland. Author of the costumes in movie "Wolanie"directed by Marcin Dzudziak.

Co-curator and participant of national exhibitions as well as those abroad. 

Kowalski Gutt dwie pracownie at the Salon Akademii Gallery in Warsaw, 

"Regress Progress" - The Architecture of Performance at the CCA Ujazdowski Castle, the exhibition Sequences at the Society for the Encouragement of the Fine Arts in Lublin, not to mention the Instalakcje Music Festival at the Nowy Theatre in Warsaw in 2013. She took in a section of students representing Poland at the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space. 

Ewa Śmigielska curated KOWALNIA exhibition in Katowice Ars Cameralis Festival at Rondo Sztuki Gallery and BWA (2014), 

participated in the project of Realisation of medals with prisoners of the remand in Białołęka the Culture House Foundation (2015). 

Recently, she within the frame of Avant Art. Festival in Moscow, she presented Space|volume|Body project (2016)

|Lecture information

Lecture: 2017.10.07  Sat. 15:00 - 16:30 

Artist: Ewa Maria Śmigielska(PL)


Address:Dimensions Art Center


Cost: Free

Organizer: Dimensions Art Center

Co-Organizer: Faculty of Design / Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw