One Year Dedication

Dimension Art Center

Nov. 23, 2017


'The 1st Dimensions International Live Art Festival in Chongqing'

(Design By Jing He)

The Festival Is Connected

With Following Numbers

DAC has been devoted to exploring the possibilities of making connection with broader fields in modern China since founded. We leverage the Art Festival to practice and discuss in urban and rural fields, using Return: Reflection on Modernity and Development of Locality as main theme to stretch from art language field to society space field.

The main content of the Festival consists of Urban and Rural fields, the two most important society fields we can not ignore in modern China.

Chongqing power plant "granulation field"

(Photo By Yu Mu Studio And Yuanshuai)

Chongqing boasts great mountains and big rivers with strong contrast of the mixture of urban and rural spaces. We introduce 20 artists into the relic of a giant abandoned factory in the Urban field from the industrial times to inspire creation and engage people living around to take part in and establish dialogue between art and public.

No.1 Community, Zhong Liang Village, Hua Yan Town, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing

(Photo by Ke Hu)

We introduce many a natural site in the Rural field with local residents to inspire creation and exchange the status quo of Chinese rural lives and cultures in the process of modernization.

During this art festival, we have formed an academic group of seven, which will be sent to the spot of our festival and discuss about the academic theme and everything happens on the spot!

They are:

Zeng Tu,  Artist, Cultural Ecological Research Practitioner, Director of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts New  Media Art Department of Arts & Social Studio.  Between 2000 to 2009 visited France, Netherlands and UK as residency artist. Established Dimensions Art Center in 2013 in ChongQing.

Zhou Bin, Artist. In 2007, Zhou Bin created Up-On Live Art Space, which produced Up-On International Live Art Festival, as well as many other countries. From May 2012, Zhou Bin has been invited as Lecturer to Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and The Art Institute of Sichuan University where he gives classes on performance art. From Dec 2015, he has also been invited by Germany’s Berlin Free University as well as the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts and the University of Applied Arts Vienna to conduct performance art curricula.

Yanzi Hu,  Artist, Residing Curator in DAC, living in Chongqing. Practice creation in country fields and live art since 2012, explore new possibilities between art, people and social fields as curator. 

Lan Qingwei, Deputy Director of Guanghui Museum. Art critic;curator. Sichuan University, PhD; Distinguished teacher at Sichuan Fine Arts Institute; columnist; founding member of One Square Reading Public Library. Engaged in research of modern and contemporary fine art; curator and critic of contemporary art; scholar of museum studies as well as museum management. Assistant Director/ Executive Director of Chengdu Museum of Contemporary Art, 2011—2017.

Andrew Lam, Director of MOST, He has been named as advisor of public art for Hong Kong Heritage Museum and National Grand Theatre, China.Studied theory and history of art in Hong Kong and England‘s University of Cambridge (Cantab) and Victorian Society (London) and he initiated the collective MOST (Museum of Site), which has been a community-cum-alternative space in Hong Kong since 1994. MOST represents an expanding glocal curatorial purview and innovative platform, aiming to advance insightful perspectives and projects for the art community in China and Hong Kong. 

Ruijun Shen, artist and curator, received two MFAs from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Montclair State University respectively. Shen was the chief curator of Guangdong Times Museum (2010-2017)and currently work as a researcher and curator for the New Century Art Foundation in Beijing and the program advisor in China for the Kadist Art Foundation in San Fansisco and Paris. 

Tian Meng,Born in Henan Province in 1981 and graduated from Fine Arts Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute; majored in Visual Art Planning and Management and was awarded the Bachelor’s Degree. Now Tian Meng is the general art inspector of Lushan Art Museum.

We are honored to have 20 artists from China, Italy, Portland, Japan, Austria, Argentina, German etc. Together we will present the festival in the live art field.

They are:

DAC Wechat will publish more introduction to the artists in coming 9 days.

To Be Continued!

  • The 1st Dimensions International Live Art Festival in Chongqing

Academic Discussion:



Bin Zhou:“Chat of Live Art”

Time:2017.11.23  14:00-15:30

Address:In the meeting hall on the second floor of DAC

Hanjian Lin:“Cultural Heritage and Live Arts”

Time:2017.11.24  14:00-15:00

Address:In the meeting hall on the second floor of DAC

First field:



Opening Ceremony + Performance:

Time:2017.11.25  14:00-18:00

2017.11.26  14:00-18:00

Address:Chongqing power plant "granulation field"

Document Opening Ceremony:

Time:2017.11.25  19:30

Address:In the exhibition hall A of DAC

Second field:




Time:2017.11.27  14:00-18:00

Address:No.1 Community, Zhong Liang Village, Hua Yan Town, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing.


Antonio Bertoni    [I TA ]

Yingmei Duan & Xiaohan Han    [ GER&CN ]

Shangdong Deng    [  CN ]

Ewa Maria Śmigielska    [  POL ]

Yuan Gao    [ CN ]

Libin He    [ CN ]

Kun Li    [ CN ]

Megumi Shimizu    [ JP ]

Michael Pöllinger    [ AT ]

Nicoleta Auersperg    [ ARG ]

Yun Pu    [ CN ]

Qian Ren    [ CN ]

Wenmin Tong    [ CN ]

Tomasz Vollmann    [ POL ]

Yanxin Wang    [ CN ]

Wangjun Xin    [ CN ]

Ke Yi    [ CN ]

Yunfeng Zhang & Haiguang Li    [ CN ]

Art Director:Tu Zeng

Academic Adviser: Bin Zhou

Curator:Yanzi Hu

Commentators:Qingwei Lan, Hanjian Lin, Ruijun Shen, Meng Tian

Coordination:Jing He

General Services:Ke Hu

Public Relations:Lihua Shao

Social Relations Leader:Luona Zhang

Image Producer:Jishen Li

Assistances: Ling Chen, Zhi Geng, Haoqiao Jiang, Xuan Wang, Ye Xie, Xiaoting Xu, Yuanshuai, Xizi Yu, Xianfan Zhu, Yaofang Zhang, Yuxian Zhou, Zhenzhu Zhang

Sponsored by:

Dimensions Art Center(DAC)

Coorganized by:

UP-ON Live Art Space

European Art and Culture Centre

Vernacular Architecture & Industrial Heritage RC

Chongqing ltaly-China Culture Communication Co.,Ltd

ESL Studio Architecture Ingegneria S.a.s

Yu Mu Studio

Supported by:

Huangjueping Granulation Plant of Jiulongpo District, Chongqing

Individual Cross Media Studio of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

Internationalized Arts Talents Program of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

Southwest Field Creation Community

ASG Project(HK)Ltd

Art Edge

Master Academy


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