From November 23 to 27, 2017, the 1st Dimensions International Live Art Festival in Chongqing opened as planned. An academic group of 7 people was set up and 20 artists from home and abroad were invited. They demonstrated their thoughts and ideas on the two live shows of rural and urban themes in order to discuss the various situations human beings have faced in the process of modernization. Via art creation, they not only inspired deep reflection but also brought all the audience to a mental retrospection.

      The art festival consists of three parts: two academic lecturescreation live shows lasted three days and one literature exhibition.

      Just before the opening ceremony, two thought-provoking lectures were given to the audience by the academic advisor Bin Zhou and specially invited commentator Hanjian Lin, which lifted the curtain of this art festival academically.


lecture given by Bin Zhou ‘Chat of Live Art’


lecture given by Hanjian Lin“Cultural Heritage and Live Arts”


Opening ceremony

      The art festival opened formally at 14:20 on November 25th, 2017 in Chongqing Power Plant, Granulation Plant. Guests, artists, lovers of arts from all across China and a large number of local audiences in Chongqing arrived at the spot to take part in the opening ceremony as well as the creation live shows afterwards.


Live Creation: Urban (One)

  • Chongqing Power Plant: ‘Granulation Plant’

      On the first day of our festival, six artists from China, Austria and Poland showcased their live art creations for the audience.

Wangjun Xin ‘Chongqing Hotpot’

Venue: In the Storeroom

      The artist opened a hotpot restaurant in the warehouse of the granulation factory, and held an opening ceremony, where artists, co-participants, residents were invited to have hotpot. Upon finishing the lunch, the artist declared the bankruptcy of this restaurant.  

Ke Yi The Urban Story of Two People: Chongqing( Part One)

Venue: In Chongqing Power Plant

      The artist tends to care for each individual who is neglected and forgotten. During the DLAF, the artist went into the daily life of residents near the old Power Plant in the urban field, and of villagers in Zhongliang Village in the rural field. In her work, she invited a Bang Bang (peculiar to Chongqing, namely an itinerant porter) to chat with her in a minivan near the factory, exchanging each other’s stories. 

Yanxin Wang “The Light of Power Plant”: Concert of Yanxin Wang

Venue: On the second floor of the Processing Factory

      The artist took the conveyer belt as the stage to host his first solo concert. Co-participants bought tickets, 1 yuan each, entering the corridor decorated with fluorescent sticks. He sang 5 songs that are typical in Chinese soirees, including A good day, and Unforgettable night. The artist marched upwards in the conveyer belt while he sang. After he reached the top of the belt and finished his performance, he slid all the way to the bottom, whistling hurriedly. 

Tomasz Vollmann Pointless Performance

Venue: On the top floor of the Processing Factory

      The artist led all co-participants to the rooftop of the factory. He put and displayed all the important documents with him on the ground. All the attention was attracted by him when suddenly he took out a paper written on it the “Pointless Performance show”. The artist then turned around, inviting co-participants to read out aloud this phrase. When all people surrounding him read aloud “Pointless Performance show”, his work finished.

Kun Li Sound of Objects

Venue: On the second floor of the Processing Factory

      The artist organized, explored and moved the objects scattering around the factory. The radio player hung by the window played the exact sound generated by the artist but in a few seconds lagged behind. The sound played by the electronic device interacted with the one made by the artist. 

      Although the factory had been abandoned, the objects remained, with rich information related to this place. The artist tried to explore and listen to what had remained. 

Ewa Maria Smigielska ‘Ball’

Venue: On the second floor of the Processing Factory& in the Storeroom

      The artist hung the Chinese folk musical instrument – the bronze gong – on the roof of the second floor in the factory, and the crossing white and black cloth strips on the roof of the warehouse. She started by leading co-participants to the warehouse where she gave out Tai Chi balls to them. Audiences were led to walk around the site, rolling the balls in the hand to generate sound. Then, she led co-participants to the second floor, and invited all audience to make sound, including a couple who played a sound clip by throwing the balls towards the Chinese gong. 


Live Creation: Urban (Two)

  • Chongqing Power Plant: ‘Granulation Plant’

      On the second day of our festival, eight artists from China, Austria and Germany showcased their live art creations for the audience.

Yingmei Duan ‘Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do’

Venue: In Chongqing Power Plan

      The artist led the co-participants to walk in every space on the first floor of the factory, when she sang an easy song repeatedly – Do re mi fa so la ti do – which was augmented by the loudspeaker and the stereo, to resonate with the vast space of the factory. 

Michael Pollinger   Rock and Roll

Venue: In the Storeroom

      The artist made a cloak from a bright red cloth bought in China for the stone lion sitting at the entrance of the warehouse. He impromptu rapped I need money, give me money, dancing in front of the stone lion. Co-participants started to throw money at him, demanding an extra performance when the music ended. 

Qian Ren  Making a Dream

Venue: On the rooftop of the Processing Factory

      The artist laid a strip of rice paper on the rooftop of the factory. Two lines of yellow bananas were placed by sides of the paper. He soaked one feet in red pigment, and the other blue, walking on the rice paper towards its end. Then, he climbed onto a ladder to brush bananas with pigments. The artist poured from his head the paintings that blackened his face and clothes. 

Wenmin Tong ‘Axis of Memory’

Venue: On the third floor of the Processing Factory

      In a small room of the factory, the artist pushed a rebar with his forehead against the wall until he could not withstand, and the rebar fell. He held high a bowl of water and poured it slowly. The artist applied the mud, mixed by the dust and the water, to his eyelids. Then, eyes being closed, he scratched a line around the walls with a small steel shovel. 

Junfeng Yang   Overloading

Venue: On the third floor of the Processing Factory

      The artist stood on the dusty rooftop of an operating room, holding a bag of sand, waiting for the content to slip through the hole of the bag. The artist found out a mirror from the dust, slowly cleaning the mirror with sleeves. Then, he faced the mirror towards the co-participants around him. The artist dropped it suddenly, and the mirror broke into pieces. 

Shangdong Deng  Born to Die

Venue: On the second floor of the Processing Factory

      The artist formed a space installation with old clothes, filing cabinets, and chairs that were founded in situ. The artist started the work by putting pieces of glass behind the neck, squatting under the cabinet. The artist walked around the old clothes, slashed the ground with them, and sewed back the limbs of a doll decorated on the old clothes. Then, those clothes were burnt up. The ropes were cut. The cabinet fell with a bang. 

Libin He ‘Isolated Island’

Venue: On the first floor of the Processing Factory

      The artist crawled around the stockpiling area, strongly patting the ground. He blew the dirt to clear a path. Then, he crawled onto the pile, where he tore his left sleeve with teeth. The cloth was rolled to the top of a wooden stick, and lightened to form a torch. The artist sat silently to watch the sleeve burn to black ashes, which were covered with dust later. 

Wangjun Xin   A bottle of Sorghum Liquor

Venue: In the Storeroom

      By the stone lion at the warehouse gate, above which there was a slogan, saying “Customers’ need is our goal”, the artist set up a scene with an abandoned desk to chat and drink with others. Five bottles of Red Star Erguotou (Chinese spirit brand) and two plates of peanuts were placed on the desk. Co-participants were invited to chat and drink with the artist (he discovered that a major recreational activity in the 1980s for factory workers was to chat by the drinks and peanuts). Almost dozens of Chinese and foreign artists joined and interacted with the artist.  


Live Creation: Rural

  • No.1 Community, Zhong Liang Village, Hua Yan Town, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing

      On the rural live show of our festival, eight artists from China and Germany showcased their live art creations for the audience.

Wenmin Tong ‘Old House’

Venue: In No.1 Community, Zhong Liang Village

      The artist set off one firecracker in an abandoned room each time. The sound of blast varied because of different sizes, inner structures, and contents of rooms. The blasts created wonderful sound. The work lasted for 3 hours. 

Yun Pu ‘Zhong Liang Village1-31’

Venue: In No.1 Community, Zhong Liang Village

      Starting from 14:00 of 25th November 2017, the artist had kept himself in an abandoned room of the village, managing to survive for 48 hours and 10 minutes without communication devices, electricity, or even food, until 14:10 of 27th November 2017. During this period, he wrote his feelings for life on walls. The room was secluded entirely; therefore, it was totally dark inside. At 14:10 of 27th, many local villagers who resided there before witnessed the artist’s cocoon-breaking moment when he broke the walls and came out. Co-participants went into the room to watch the words left on walls by the artist. 

Wangjun Xin  “the Office for Human’s Convenience—the Second Media Briefing”

Venue: At the lavatory near the entrance of No.1 Community, Zhong Liang Village

      “Director of the Toilet Office” Mr. Xin Wangjun invited “respected leaders” and “distinguished guests” from all over the world to the conference venue – the space in front of the toilet of Zhongliang Village, to deliver speeches. “World leaders” mentioned that, to tackle the difficulty in accessing to clean and convenient toilets, we need to follow the right path, implement our strategies, and seek truth from the facts. Mr. Xin invited the men’s singing group of Zhongliang Village to sing two songs -- Sailing relays on the steersman, while all things grow under the Sun and the self-made one Song of buying houses. Mr. Michael, the “world dance king”, and Ms. Madison, the “champion of the Asian Smiling Pageant” led the dance, while the “Square Dance Group of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute” accompanied. The conference was concluded in a most warm atmosphere. 

Qian Ren ‘Returning Home’

Venue: Near the villager’s committee of No.1 Community, Zhong Liang Village

      In a deserted room, the artist gave out rolls of gauzes to villagers and other co-participants, asking them to roll out the gauzes to form multiple lines. Through rolls of gauzes, the co-participants were connected. Then he gave out ripe tomatoes to each audience. The artist finished his work by casting a tomato towards the old house. 

Yingmei Duan And Xiaohan Han ‘Forward! Forward! Forward!’

Venue: On the lawn of the village entrance

      In artists Duan Yingmei and Han Xiaohan’s work GO, GO, GO, Duan Yingmei organized the villagers, audience, volunteers, artists and other co-participants to impromptu rehearse a performance – all people marched forward in a row, singing the La La Song (for this performance, Han Xiaohan created this song, whose music notations are 5, 17__,1 3|2 43__4 6|5 0 0 0|......). All people marched towards the red slogan at the end of the grassland. They continued to sang, standing under the slogan, facing the abandoned village. At last, the artist and co-participants took a group photo.

Wanyuan Liang ‘An Hour(Part Two)’

Venue: In No.1 Community, Zhong Liang Village

      The artist sat at the entrance to the village, chiseling wood for an hour from the time when the village clock struck 4 p.m. to it struck 5 p.m. The wood dust was weighed and canned, with a tag suggesting the place. (The artist had performed One hour (I) at the entrance to the DAC exhibition hall in the dusk a day before)

Libin He ‘Calling’

Near the pond of No.1 Community, Zhong Liang Village

      The artist invited co-participants to appreciate the reflections of the houses in a pond. He held a PVC pipe to touch the water, and the ripples blurred the reflections. The artist inserted the pipe deeply into the pond, blowing through the PVC pipe. His breaths made the water roll and foam. Then he increased the volume and the velocity of his breaths until he was about to faint breathlessly. Because of the bubbles, the floating substance gave way to a clear water surface. 

      Heart and soul, the artist had tried to awaken this ceasing village, but with quite an opposite result – the memory was more blurring than before, and forgotten eventually. 

Ke Yi ‘The Urban Story of Two People: Chongqing( Part Two)’

Venue: Angel’s Garden Teahouse in Dadukou District

      The artist attempted to care for each individual who is neglected and forgotten. During DLAF, she visited residents around the Power Plant in the urban field, and villagers of Zhongliang Village in the rural field. She invited one resident from the urban site and one from the rural site to meet and tell stories at the middle point between the sites – the Teahouse of Angel Garden in Dadukou District. 

      The literature exhibition of the 1st Dimensions International Live Art Festival in Chongqing opened at 19:30 on November 25th, 2017 in Dimensions Art Centre. Ten artists from China, Italy, Poland, Japan, Austria, Argentina and Germany forming seven groups displayed their works. Audience from all walks of life came to the art center to join in the wine reception and enjoyed the exhibition, which will last to December 11th.

Porter’s  Requiem

Antonio Bertoni  [ Italy ]


Ewa Maria Śmigielska [ Poland ]  & Antonio Bertoni [ Italy ]

Musical Action Performance of Saman Wulaben of Manzhou Ancient Tune of Gashan

Created by: Yingmei Duan&Xiaohan Han

‘Performance Lesson’

Performed by: Boming Zhong

Planned by: Haiguang Li  Yunfeng Zhang

Hosted by: Action Behavior Performance Stage


Megumi Shimizu  [ JP ]

‘Exhausted Body’

Megumi Shimizu    [ JP ]

Chinese Style Circulation

Created by:Nicoleta Auersperg [ ARG ]

Gods of Huang Jueping

Yuan Gao [ CN ]

Metalic light shining--come back

Michael Pöllinger  [  AT ]

      An indispensable part of this art festival is our volunteers. During the executive stage in the last two months, they have contributed much of their time, passion and intelligence to make the festival reach its best in every possible way. They are: Ling Chen, Fenqin Ding, Zhi Geng, Haoqiao Jiang, Xuan Wang, Ye Xie, Xiaoting Xu, Xizi Yu, Xianfan Zhu, Yaofang Zhang, Yuxian Zhou, Zhenzhu Zhang, Weitong Chen, Yi Yang, Lin Li, Senzhong Tan, Taomeng Cui, Xiangwen Wu, Xunan Cheng, Xuewei Tan, Yujia Li.

      The 1st Dimensions International Live Art Festival in Chongqing has concluded successfully. We, the staff of Dimensions Art Centre sincerely hope to extend our gratitude to the government, Publicity Department and Cultural Commission of Jiu longpo District as well as streets of Huangjueoping, Zhong Liang Village, Hua Yan Town, Yulong Company to give support and guidance to us. We also want to thank all the guests of the academic group for your academic support and all the artists for your dedication and impressive creations. We would also like to thank all the volunteers and staff who devoted yourselves to the art festival and all the co-organizers, supporters and long-term partners for your support to Dimensions Art Centre.

Meanwhile, we extend our gratitude to every audiences, it is your attention and participation that have long encouraged us to move forward!