"TAG MAN & The Vortex of Dancing Fingers"

Solo Exhibition of Korean Artist Shawn Park 

2018.6.1 19:30 

Opening Party at 501-Xu Space

Q&A with Artist

Question: Which works will be exhibited in this exhibition?

Shawn: #TAGMAN is going to be a work on focus for this exhibition. It is a mixture of many form of art including performance, drawing, video and installation. Also, there will be some installation, painting and animation, which are all loosely connected.

Question: Do they have common themes?

Shawn: They are all related to life of information especially on social network service(SNS). I was interested in the influence of SNS on our minds. They are changing the way we think and the way we connect with each other. Is it natural? It almost feels like it and that’s the scary part. 

Question: What is the inspiration point for creating these works?

Shawn: #TAGMAN represents people’s lives in SNS. It fragments reality and shares them. 

Consumption of art in SNS was also an issue for me. Because of the instant nature of SNS, it may not be the best place to show an art that requires deep thinking or further research. But people want to be creatively inspired, so art is actively consumed in SNS anyway. There is underlying investigation about public consumption of art in SNS because I think it is affecting the form and function of art. The best way to find out is to be one of them. This is a paradox. In this project, I decided to go all out and be total sell-out.

Question: As an artist's personal creation context, what is the connection between this resident creation and your previous works? 

Shawn: Exploring human mind is my main motive for art. Depends on the idea and direction, I choose suitable media within my range. Since #TAGMAN is dealing with lives of people and SNS, it takes form of performance for public interaction and photo/video for SNS. I have been planning this work for almost a year and made many adjustments along the way. I originally planned to do this project in Seoul, but coming to DAC residency in Chongqing encouraged me to expend this project into international level. After the exhibition, #TAGMAN will visit more cities in various countries. The similarity and the difference of the public reaction in diverse society can have its own message. 

Question: This exhibition also expresses the end of your residency at the DAC. Looking back at this resident life, How do you feel?

Shawn: I am so glad that I came to DAC for the artist residency. Everyone from the center is very warm and supportive. #TAGMAN project wouldn’t have been possible without their constant professional support. It was a perfect program that provided great atmosphere for my artistic development. 

About Shawn Park 

Shawn Park is multidisciplinary artist who bases his work around painting and moving images. He was born in Seoul Korea in 1979, and studied painting and animation at The Cooper Union School of Art in New York with full-scholarship. He held six solo exhibitions in Seoul and New York, and a numerous international group exhibitions. 

Selected Solo Exhibition

2017[Mirage], Art Space Grove, Seoul, Korea 

2016[Empathy: Objects], Seoul Art Space Seogyo, Seoul, Korea

2016[4892 Gentrification of Mind], Cheongju Art Studio, Cheongju, Korea

2013[Nostalgia for the Future], Broom Project, Seoul, Korea

2011[One Day], Space Womb Gallery, Long Is City, NY

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017[Dazzling Fantasy-Midway] Snow Mountain International Art Festival, Lijinag, China

2017[The Red Brick House] OCI Museum, Seoul, Korea

2017[1st Hainan Danzhou International Biennale - Heterogeneous Isomorphism •2017 China and South Korea International Contemporary Art Exhibition], Danzhou, China

2016[Gyeonggi Promising Artists’The Breath of Fresh Exhibition - Fourteen Perspectives], Goyang Aram Nuri Arts Center, Gyeonggi do, Korea

2016[2nd Asia Contemporary Art Exhibition - Asia Young 36], Jeonbuk Museum of Art, Jeonbuk, Korea

2016[Cre8tive Report], OCI Museum, Seoul, Korea

Grant and Award 

2016Bright Art Grant Program - Seoul Art Space Seogyo 99˚C, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Korea 

2016Professional Art Creation Support Grant, Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, Korea 

2014Joongang Fine Arts Prize, Seoul, Korea

Residency and Art Fair

2017Lijiang International artist residency, Artnova100 & Sunshine100, Lijiang, China 

2016 Cheongju Art Studio Residency Program, Korea 

2015 OCI Museum Residency Program, Korea

The Part of Works

《The Drifter》

《Yellow Paint》


《The Heaven's Seed 》

Editor: Taomeng Cui

Exhibition Information


"TAG MAN & The Vortex of Dancing Fingers"

Solo Exhibition of Shawn Park (KOR)

Exhibition Period:2018.6.1-2018.6.10

Opening Time:2018.6.1 19:30

Address: No.1008, 501 Art Centre, Huangjueping Street of Jiulongpo Region, Chongqing, China

Curator: Tu Zeng

Executive Curator: Jing He, Shuwen Wang

Assistance: Taomeng Cui, Yuanshuai, Ke Hu, Yihong Huang ,Zifei Ge

Organizer: Dimensions Art Center(DAC), 501-Xu Space

Sponsor: Incheon Foundation for Arts & Culture

Supporting Technical:YUMU Images & Photograph Studio

Supporting Media: