Curatorial Preface :

"Qian Ren Walking in the World of Art"

How to reach the public from the individual, to have a dialogue with a broader and wider cultural and social scene, it’s the main creative direction of the artist Qian Ren in recent years. Studying art is the process of seeing yourself, understanding the world and getting along with sentient beings. Art has no national borders. Qian Ren walking in the world of art as pathfinder, elder brother and fellow initiate, using multiple identities.“The World”, his solo exhibition in DAC (Dimensions Art Center, ChongQing), it’s just a node in his walking process. In this exhibition, in Qian Ren’s words: “ To create an exhibition is to make something brand new and creative, it’s my request to myself.” Every few years, have his own solo exhibition have been a way for him to archiving his life, and it also becomes his way of working. This resulted in the export of various types of work in the three exhibition halls.


Video:  "Declaim: Illness as Metaphor and AIDS and Its Metaphors"

Physical Experience

Physical experience is a source of motivation and a constant source of inspiration for the artistic creation, and it is also a basic condition for people to create a dialogue. At the same time, the process of creating an art piece will turn participate in shaping the artist’s life appearance. Qian Ren’s work in the recent years have not only responded to his life-related circumstance related to illness, emotion and family misfortune, but also helped him to cure himself. Whenever life encounters misfortune, creation is the path to relief. Physical experience leads to a higher ideological dimension, and also leads to many works like: “Declaim: Illness as Metaphor and AIDS and Its Metaphors", "Untitled-White", "All Things Must Pass by: Shape, Color, Women", "Through the snow non-trace", "Moist body", "Walking Kassel", "A field of wild Pheasant feathers”.


Performance art:  "Walking Kassel"

Media Practice

From the very beginning, performance art is the main creative form (media) for Qian Ren, and now he is free to use multi-media integrated methods such as performance art, installation, video, sound and ready-made sculptures, Qian Ren continues to enrich his artistic creation in both media and method. Some of his work based on the training within the authoring system, but also face the idea of different external scenes. From the performance art in the early years"DU: Fragile Explosive Power" to the recent"Walking Kassel", the subtraction of the media language has been done to the maximum, but it also makes people smile and easy to understand. But in the discussion on the relations between the country, the community, aesthetics, and production relationship through “The Third Memorial Republic”, “Uncertain World”, “Aesthetics of Surplus Value”, “Dream” Clothes, newspaper, books, toys, teaching aids, fruits, waste steel plate and other daily necessities, industrial off-the-shelf products can be used as material for his work. 


Performance art:  "Fetching Water" series-1999

Cultural Field

One of the trends in Qian Ren’s recent work is to pay more attention to different cultural fields. I think this trend has been buried deep since 18 years ago. The results is that in this exhibition the work “Fetching Water” has occupied the entire small exhibition hall, which is an art project he has continuously implemented throughout the world since 1999. “Water” is the core element of the existence of the civilization on earth, human beings born and raised by water and its plants. Then they multiply different civilizations and form the present world. “Water” is also a cultural symbol with typical oriental features, doing all the good, but request for nothing. The artist chose “water” as the core element of this project, the element is simple and clear, but it highlights the connection between each of the water intake location on the cultural field, and finally uses his own life experience as the line to straddle the entire world of creating art. During the artistic eighteen-year walk around the world to find water that he interacted with different nature and culture to create a dialogue, creating amount of works like: "Echo", "Perpetual Imagination", "Freedom and Love", "This shore, the other shore" and lots of other live works.

Recently, he walked up and down the other side of the ocean led him to begin to examine more deeply between his native cultural system and the social field and also try to play the role of bridge between two cultures. This kind of connection has already been discussed through "Identity", "Semiotic Research", "New Chinese Style, Furniture Research", "Decorative Samples, Linguistic Studies", "New Classical Realism", and other works during this exhibition.


In the Berlin Wall

For the contemporary art industry, Qian Ren is a native “old Chongqing” and a contemporary artist with an international background.

For young artists, Qian Ren is a senior, elder brother and fellow who have no frame and patience.

For his friends around him, he is free and natural, modest and polite, and when it comes to his work, he is rigorous and serious.

“I’m still far from being able to have a retrospective exhibition.” He said with a generously smile during the preparation for this exhibition.

Pack up bags and adjust mood, his new journey of art and life will begin again.

Take this as a prelude.

——Yanzi Hu


Written in Dimensions Art Center

Biography :


Qian Ren was born on 1971. He graduated from Teaching Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute . He is an artist based in Chongqing & New York. Ever since 1999, he has been working with multiple media across multiple disciplines. His works include performance arts, installation, photography, audio and video arts. By far, He has participated in many national and international art shows. He was also the curator of the contemporary art shows of “Traverse” and “Dumb” at Chongqing.. Ren took part in the residency at Chinese Art Center, Manchester 2005. He was awarded the prize by the Antony Gormley Foundation in 2006. He was awarded the prize by the Kulturamt Landeshauptadt Dusseldorf Germany invited to become the resident artist in 2017.Access to outstanding artists in the United States and living in New York in 2017..He also received a special award by ProArt Germany and BananaPark Gallery for his video work “Water” in 2009. He has collaborated with many artists from home and abroad. He has also participated many Arts Exhibitions and Performance Arts festival (such as the French Montpellier Contemporary Chinese Arts Festival, "Archaeology of the Future "Nanjing Triennial, Documentary Exhibition of Chinese Performance Art, Sino-Japan Performance Art Exchange Exhibition, VITAIL International Performance Arts Festival, UP-ON international Performance Arts Festival. 2012 “Guangzhou live”-- Guangzhou International action Art Festival (Guangzhou Youyou contemporary art centre,Feb.2016 Crossing Border /Border Crossing-Internation Festival of Crossing Media Presenter HONGKONG JCCAC,Bulgaria International Performance Arts Festival,Open International Performance Arts Festival in Beijing,BI-city Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture in SHENZHEN), theme of his collections include life and death, environment ,space and ultimate questions confronted by human beings. He is trying to explore how the Chinese pioneering arts and artists could breakthrough the boundaries and go from underground to public, and also the comparison between local experience and the trend of globalization. Meanwhile, focus has been given to the artists' action and choice for their confusion to their own experience and social reality, especially under the circumstance that the performance arts has been rejected by the mainstream culture and misunderstood by the general public. December 2013,RenQianwas invited at the Sichuan Academy of fine arts in new media Department & Chongqing University Graduate School of journalism and taught performance art and contemporary art.

As a contemporary artist who focuses on performance art, Ren Qian discussed many kinds of issues in contemporary China: the key clue throughout his art career is the presence of “body”, consumerism, urbanization, art system and the reflection of “subject and life”. As a young Chinese man, he shifts his attention from the observation of the world to the reflection and perception of the individual living and life, revealing the relation between uniqueness and commonality of individual life experience. In this August, the Organhaus Art Space held the solo exhibition The Only Way for him, which constructed the dialogue of between the specific and individual life experience and the common human emotion, life and destiny. In this exhibition, his works relate to the topic of life, which has answered the questions that “what is art and how to do art” to some extent.

Although his recent works has again turned to the discussion and research on the clash of civilizations in the context of society and geopolitics.media and landscape under the background of globalization and introspection on the current dilemmas and interrogations.

Awards :

May.2017  Awarded a prize Germany‘s Dusseldorf Studio project as an artist visitor

Jul.2009  Awarded a prize by ProArt Germany and BananaPark Gallery for the video “Water”

Jan.2006  Awarded a prize by the Antony Gormley Foundation for “Asian Field”

Nov.2005- Jan.2006  Sponsored by Arts Council England and British Council for “Artist links 2002-2006” project as an artist visitor.

Solo Exhibitions :

Jun.2017  Realistic Emnerrassment (Dusseldorf Germany)

Dec.2016  Sustainable Imagination (Xu Contemporary Art Space)

Aug.2015  The only orway (Organhaus Art space  Chongqing China)

Jan.2012  Heloo! 2012  mixed-media performance (T Art space  Chongqing China)

Group Exhibitions :

Feb.2018  Heterotopia on the route (GCA Contemporary Art museum/Chongqing)

Dec.2017  City, Grow In Difference-- Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism /Architecture  (UABB Nantou SHENZHEN)

Now.2017  DLAF—the 1th Dimensions International  Art  Festival in Chongqing (Dimensions Art Center Chongqing)  

Sept.2017  Position and Disposition (GCA The Galaxy Museum Of Contempory Art)

May.2017  Yell Space Programme Exhibition-Partial Archive) (Yell Space, No.50 Mo Gan Shan Road, Shanghai)

May.2017  HW  Fatory project-special project production #1 (Organhaus Art Space, Hewei, iron art factory of Huaxi town, Bnan region Chongqing)

Mar.2017  Art &Fashion &Metropolis M-1 LP space Contemporary Art Exhibitions (LP Art space)

Jan.2017  HW  Fatory project-special project production #1 (Organhaus Art Space, Chongqing)

Dec.2016  HW  Fatory project-special project workshop  (Hewei, iron art factory of Huaxi town, Bnan region, Chongqing China)

Sep.2016  “Daily Reflect” On-Line Live Show Performance Art Festival (Sowerart /Easylive, Chongqing China)

Aug.2016  Contemporary Eco Art Exhibition in China  (He Bei SiJiaZhuang Art Museum)

May.2016  How Long is the way to the factory? (Organhaus Art Space, Chongqing)

Apr.2016  The 4th UP_ON International Live Art Feslival  (Chengdu UP-ON Live Art Space &ShuiJingTang)

Apr.2016  VIENNA-CHONGQING International workshop (LP Space Chongqing)

Feb.2016  Crossing Border /Border Crossing-Internation Festival of Crossing Media Presenter (HONGKONG JCCAC)

Jan.2016 “Parabiosis” International Contemporary Art Exhibition (ChangJiang Contemporary Art museum)

Dec.2015  Link-Locality and Nomadism Contemporary Art Exhibition ( GCA Contemporary Art museum/Chongqing)

Dec.2015  CO-LIVING Bi-City Biennale Of Urbanism/Architecture (Shenzhen China)

Nov.2015  Inward Gazes: Documentaries of Chinese Performance Art, the Macao Museum of Art

May.2015  The Independent Venice Biennal. (Kenya Venice museum, Italy)

May.2015  Magic Contemporary Art Exhibition (Exhibition Hall of SheKou Ferry Terminal, ShenZhen)

Apr.2015   “At the Top of the cloud” live Action art. (108 Art space,  Kun Ming China)

Apr.2015  The First Edition Of Changjiang International Photography & Video Biennale (ChangJiang Contemporary Art museum)

Mar.2015  TOP TIME--LP space Contemporary Art Exhibitions (LP Art space)

Past works :


Take water from the seine


Take water from the rhine River

Name: "Fetching Water, From Here to There: Plans for Water Extraction"

Medium: Continuous Performance Art, Video, Installation

Time: 1999.12.31-2018.1.7

 I traveled around the world for 18 years, continuous taking water from each location (Thames in London, Nam Co Lake in Tibet, Halong Bay in Tibet, Mekong River waters, 9 ferry rivers in China, Jade Lake in Jialing River, Bohai Bay in Dali, Yunnan, Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong, April Fool in Macau, Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan, Jialing River waters in Chongqing, Bangkok, Thailand Anping Floating Market, Fuxian Lake, Yunnan, Dianchi Lake, Kunming, Venice, Piazza San Marco, Italy, Beijing Summer Palace, Yellow River, Jinan, Shandong, Baotu Spring, Jinan, Qinghai Lake, Qinghai Province, Tibet, Lhasa, Yarlung Tsangpo River, Tibet, Yamazoo, Wrong, Yunnan Lijiang, Italy Sicily South Mediterranean, Germany North Rhine-Westphalia Dusseldorf City Rhine, France Paris Seine, Bulgarian capital Sofia National Park Lake) The artist tried to pay attention to the living condition of mankind from the perspectives of art, history, economy, culture, nature and religion.


Location: Changjiang Contemporary Art Museum

Name: "The Third Memorial Republic"

Medium: mirroring installation

Time: Dec. 2015

Global capitalism is eliminating the borders between nations. Today, there is still a binary opposition value system. The pluralism-based tolerance of the mainstream world is a key component of post-colonialism. In the post-Olympic era, how do we cross the boundary between history and reality and face the historical mirror image and future scene of humanity? Where are our shores and other shores?


Düsseldorf Residency work

Name: "Century Heritage" 

Medium: Situational Installation

Time: June 1, 2017

German artists Anne Imhof and Tomas Saraceno pass on and continue to develop the traditions and methods of German contemporary art since Beuys and face the current great changes in the social, economic, medical and technological fields with strong realism. They present the rapid changes of our time with languages of the body and of installations. Therefore, in such context and trend, I try to raise a series of urgent questions that are closely related to our time with these common yet strong symbols, objects, performances and installations, and lead audience into a state of history, reality and future and a situation that is both familiar and foreign. By appropriating clean, simple images, body and verbal symbols, nature,I question and reflect on the reality, embarrassment and innovation of our time. 



Exhibition Information

Art Director

Tu Zeng 


Yanzi Hu

Academic Hosting

Kun Ni  Ruijun Shen  

Invited Criticism

Meng Tian  Zhiliang Wang


Ke Hu  jishen Li  Yuanshuai  Taomeng Cui


2018.6.2  14:00

Opening Party

2018.6.2  16:30

Exhibition Time

2018.6.3 — 2018.6.30

Exhibition Location

Dimensions Art Center (DAC), Huangjueping, Chongqing


Dimensions Art Center


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