■ ■  Curatorial Preface ■ ■

Unexpected Daily Delicacy of Art 

“Jingyue, Li, Female, Han Nationality, Yellow Skin, Black Hair, Height 155cm, Weight 45kg, Double Eye-lidded, Artist”

In the introduction, every word except the artist seems of daily life. As an artist, she has always made the often-seen daily life unexpected as if seven-colored bubbles coming out of the lake. The best way to see those bubbles is to listen to her and to behold her vivid works. Her works are not created to criticize phenomena or incidents taking place in society nor to reflect the dialectical poetry based on the philosophical system, standing out among creations made by other young domestic artists. Her art focuses on those unexpected delicate life scenes.

It may have something to do with her seven-year experiences abroad.

《無題》行為攝影 2013


“Master Degree from French Lance Higher School of Art and Design, Direction: Installation Art, Space Art, Food Design.”

This basic information introduces Jingyue Li's professional background, and we can use this to build a bridge to read her work. Jingyue studied the installation art in France systematically where the first art installation in human history appeared a century ago when the artist Marcel Duchamp completed his creation historically by putting a bicycle wheel upside down on a wooden stool. As a result, art began to shape forms outside of the shelf, and the daily ready-made products began to become the creative materials of artists. Therefore a system with new meanings is established due to the reorganization and transformation from “being daily” to “being unexpected”.

As futuristic artists say in their declarations, “Trying to use logic to explain everything precisely and explain its causality is a stupid idea. Because we are surrounded by a compound of intertwined reality that is mixed with chaos and disorder.” This “illogical” attitude seems to fit well into Jingyue Li's life and work. She has a wall in her studio full of creation theories but she adopts a doubtful attitude when she talks about her creations with chaotic and fragmented expressions, making it an unexpected pleasure for people to talk to her or to appreciate her works.

She always said "I am not sure" "Cannot explain" "I just want to say something." Therefore, there goes her exhibition.

《無題》裝置 2016


This is the theme of this solo exhibition and the core vocabulary surrounding the work of Jingyue Li. This exhibition shows the achievements of the artist in the half-year residency: “Eyes and Feet” and “RGB” are talking about the unexpected experience of watching. “Untitled” and “Animal Pond” are about unexpected materials, “Runway”, “Another space” is an unexpected experience of space. The artist carefully arranged the space, designed the audience's viewing route in order to reveal the unexpected in every work.

These works are another world created by the artist in accordance with the small universe of herself. Because all the materials and spaces are so common in daily life that normal experiences and daily memories of the audience can be induced. But the audience will find it hard to understand the normal daily scenes without a new perspective of watching and comprehending. Therefore, a new experience is generated in the interesting process.  

Isn’t it the embodiment of richness and creativity of art that grows out of the past experiences under expected premises? 

It is unusually significant and interesting to grow out of the experience and do something unexpected in this long and scorching summer. How would you like it?

 - Yanzi Hu Aug.11th,2018 in Huangjiaoping

 ■ ■  Artist Autobiography ■ ■

I have dedicated myself and my art creation to augmentation and connection of the fragments in my life that is tangible, seeable and interesting. For me, all the big matters in life arise from those little fragments and that is also my own life philosophy.   

I don’t define myself and confine to use any method or technology. I let my works to get together and talk about the presence and the meaning of the exhibition as I found out in my creation that my works are reflecting on me and explaining my thoughts and logic in my own world.  

For me, contemporary art is an encounter of presence and eternity. When I show off my work in the public, I can see my feelings fuse into the audience with the presence of space, temperature, and smell. This is an incident.   

Maybe I call myself an installation, but am I real? I am not sure. I just put my works into space and interact with the public as natural as I walk from my door to my living room, where I hope all the audience can feel the people, works, and space in the exhibition as if they walk by my own space.

- Jingyue Li

■ ■  Individual  Resume ■ ■


2016-2017: 在法國蘭斯高等藝術設計學院(L’ESAD-Reims),就讀研究生後(post-diplôme)食品設計專業。

2014-2016: 在法國蘭斯高等藝術設計學院(L’ESAD-Reims),就讀研究生(Master)藝術專業(Art), 並獲得法國國家高等造型藝術表現文憑(DNSEP)。主要課程:個人創作,藝術項目,實習,藝術史,藝術哲學, 個人研究方向:裝置藝術,空間藝術。

2011-2014: 進入法國蘭斯高等藝術設計學院(ESAD-Reims),就讀本科(Licence)藝術專業(Art), 獲得法國國家藝術造型文憑(DNAP)。主要課程:空間,布展,藝術項目,個人創作,攝影,影像,聲音,藝術史,藝術哲學


2016,影像作品《紅色雕塑》參展法國圖盧茲Traverse影像節(Le festival Traverses Vidéo de Toulouse) 裝置作品《無題》,《無題》在蘭斯Saint-Remi博物館Format raisin2016畢業展中展出。

2015,影像作品《40kg》參展法國2015 VIDEOFORMES影像節。裝置作品《無題》《無題》於法國CAC/Passage de Troyes 當代藝術中心展出。

2014,影像作品《紅色雕塑》參加法國東部藝術學校影像節(VOST)。參加行為藝術《Buring the Books》於倫敦RED畫廊。

2012,影像作品《Le cri》參加法國Charleville-Mézières不眠夜藝術展。 

2009,作品《自戀》,《非恐怖視覺》獲得全國第二屆大學生藝術展演活動藝術作品甲組二等獎。 2008,作品《自戀》,《非恐怖視覺》獲得重慶市第二屆大學生藝術節展演繪畫專業組一等獎。

■ ■  The Part of  Past Works ■ ■ 


裝置 2014





裝置 2016


6.8m ×19.3m



裝置 2016

濕潤陶泥,70g 紙



■ ■  Exhibition Information ■ ■ 

'' Say Something '' Solo Exhibition by Jingyue Li

Art Director: Tu Zeng

Curator: Yanzi Hu

Exhibition Assistances: Taomeng Cui, Yuanshuai 

Poster Design: Yuhang Lu

Resident Artist: Jingyue Li

Resident Period: 2017.11 - 2018.05

Openning Party: 2018.08.18(Sat) 19:30

Exhibition Time: 2018.08.18(Sun)-2018.09.02(Sun)


Exhibition Location: Dimensions Art Center, Huangjueping, Chongqing

Supporting Media :