Waldemar Tatarczuk from 8,000 Kilometers Away

Lecture Time: October 25, 2018, 3:00-4:30 pm

Lecture Address: Meeting Room of Dimentions Art Center

Artist: Waldemar Tatarczuk (POL)

Dialogue Guest: Zeng Tu

Host: Hu Yanzi

Special Thanks: UP-ON Live Art Space

        Waldemar Tatarczuk, the well-known European behavior artist, left Poland for Southwest China in this fall. This was a fantastic journey for him because he had been attracted to spicy food and cute pandas. By tracing the wonderful scent of spicy food, he left Chengdu for Chongqing in search of the legendary and magical City of Mountain and Water.

        On October 25th, he will talk about the Labyrinth gallery and the Lublin Performance Art Center that was established by him, and audiences of Chongqing will hear stories happened 8,000 kilometers away. All these stories relate to the artistic ecology of Poland as well as the cultural situations of Lublin – the trade center leading to the east」. Specifically, he will touch upon his organization’s connections with governments, foundations and universities. Of course, his behavior art practices will also be elaborated.


■ ■  About the Artist  ■ ■

Waldemar Tatarczuk  

        He is a performance and installation artist, art curator, was the founder of Performance Art Centre in Lublin and is currently the director of  Gallery. Active as a performance artist since 1988, he has taken part in performance art events throughout Europe and Asia

 About Labyrinth Gallery

         Lublin’s Bureau for Art Exhibitions (Biuro Wystaw Artystycznych – BWA) was established in 1956. The ‘80s of the 20th century were the crucial period which considerably influenced the institution in its more than a half-century old history. In 1981 Andrzej Mroczek became the director of the Bureau. In BWA he pursued his proprietary program executed in the Galeria Labirynt led by him since 1974. Labirynt promoted contemporary art, focusing on the formal experiment.

        BWA gained nationwide and worldwide recognition as the artists’ meeting place. After the introduction of martial law, it was one of the few public institutions still not under a boycott. This constituted a proof of trust put in Andrzej Mroczek by independent Polish artistic milieus.

        In 2010 Waldemar Tatarczuk was nominated as the director of BWA. Similarly to Andrzej Mroczek, he added to the gallery’s programme assumptions realized by the Performance Art Centre (Ośrodek Sztuki Performance) run by him in the years 1999 – 2010.

        The Galeria Labirynt to a great extent pursues the profile constructed by Andrzej Mroczek – by presenting the classics of contemporary art and works of the artists linked with his program, taking an intense look at the present day and searching for universal values in art. Hence, the Gallery undertakes to be an attentive observer of the transformations in the field of art and an active and open to new phenomena participant of artistic processes. In the Gallery’s programme recurs the performance art which becomes as essential as the exhibition programme itself.

Example of individual works:



Discription:The essential substance of my performance is memory. Memory as a phenomenon as well as memory embedded in material objects, traces, that which remains. Memory that refers to the past while contradicting the future. The question about a trace that remains, about where it actually is, refers to what is left after every event. It also refers to memory and how it evolves, how memories become deformed and blurred, replaced by other, more vivid ones.