Francesco Pellegrino, from Florence, inherits the temperament of the city, and this temperament is not reflected in the elegance of humanity but from the purity of nature. His artwork is as sensitive and calm as he is. He created a space for meditation by using natural materials, ethereal sounds, and immersive experiences. The audience enters to resonate with them, thereby dissolving boundaries in their dialogue and feeling the spiritual state of “Unity between Heaven and Man".

        Through art, he explores our essence as much as possible and tries to touch the roots of human existence. In a sense, he is continuously studying the connection between art and life.

        In the concept of Francesco's work, it is not difficult to come up with some similarities with Chinese Zen. This time he came to Chongqing to have direct contact and exchanges with local Buddhist culture. After his short half-month stay in the area, we look forward to his presentation of the artistic conception in the coming live concert.

■ ■  About the Artist  ■ ■  

        Francesco Pellegrino is a Florence-based multidisciplinary artist and musician, whose works include electroacoustic and electronic music, performance and interactive – multimedia installations.

        As musician he realized and plays electroacoustic music concerts for various instruments (including sax, trumpet, clarinet and objects) and live electronics; he also plays in the 3D3 electroacoustic trio with Maurizio Montini and Andrea Venturoli.

        As artist he creates installation with a strong audio component, immersive audio visual spaces, invitation to contemplation. His installation have been exposed in Florence, Livorno, Stockholm, Mexico D.F., and others.

■ ■  About the Part of Previous Works  ■ ■  

        Here are presented some of the artist’s latest works, deemed highly representative of the last phase of his production.These works share some themes and aesthetic aspects that characterized the artist’s last years of production and his recent projects (including electroacoustic music, concerts and performances), such as the relationship between visual and sound aspects, the research on matter and the idea of fabricating a space for contemplation. 

        The fruition of these time-space continuums is linked to the idea of immersive perception, to experience art as a spiritual act. In the act of contemplation human beings become resonant objects, and listening is no longer listening to the outside, but it becomes listening to one’s own vibration, it becomes awareness.


        Nidi are three installations based on the same concept: to create small, private, sensorial spaces where to experience sound, space and matter. Each structure is made with eight modules of different material: wood, metal, paper. Each module is provided with a surface transducer, an electromagnetic transducer capable of turning each surface into a loudspeaker; this transforms each structure in a multidirectional and immersive sound sculpture. 

        Each material vibrates with its own resonance and peculiarities. The music compositions for these operas are generated by a 3D audio soundscape-creating software, which uses audio samples to create complex and stochastic environments. The sounds used for each structure are recordings of its own material, so the composition is made by a matter and expressed through the matter itself.

        The work "nidi" arises from the need to underline, to investigate the empty space that is created between analysis and experience, between observing and living a work of art. The structures can therefore be observed (analyzed) from the outside, as an object that emanates sound from the center to the outside, or can host the visitor, who becomes the center of a multi-directional and immersive sound, a visual and tactile space.

        In addition to these aspects, a critique of the use of art is added: to enter a nest you need to kneel and make an effort, even metaphorically; to do so, is to adhere to a purer and less critical view of the artistic experience .

        Created in 2018, these three installations have been presented during the festival “Firenze dei bambini 2018”.

        The wood structure is a permanent exhibition in Le Murate Progetti Arte Contamporanea, Florence.


        Vivente is an art installation made with 128 suspended bamboo canes. Each cane is provided with both a little blower, that makes the cane play like an organ pipe, and an electromagnet that plays like a marimba. The blower and the electromagnet are controlled by a soundscape-creating software which provides sound environments played by the canes. Every cane has a different length and plays a different note. 

        This artwork draws the attention to many aspects; one of them is the relationship between the medium and the piece of art. Here, the technological research and the production of circuits and software made by the artist doesn’t lead to a technological aesthetic, but rather it is hidden to leave room to a poetic vision. The audience is invited to walk through this sound forest, in an immersive sound and visual experience. 

        Another important aspect of this installation concerns the awareness of what matter is. The act of creating is not only conceptual but also artisanal: experiencing the material, the ways to shape it to make it play, feeling with one’s hands and passing time with it.

        This creates ideas which will then lead to new acts, in the endless loop of bringing deep human fantasy in a real world, called art. 

        The installation for the project “RIVA 2016” resulted as winner and was presented in December 2016  for Le Murate. Progetti Arte Contemporanea, Florence

        In the act of contemplation the human being becomes a resonant object, and listening is no longer listening to the outside, but becomes listening to its own vibrate, becomes awareness.

《Inner Waving》

        Inner waving is an audio-visual installation where eight tubs filled with water are used as loudspeakers; each tub has a light projecting the movements of the water on the near walls. This creates a “fuse”environment of light and sound where the audience is brought to a meditative time and space. 

        One of the features of this installation is that it was conceived and presented in two parallel ways: an installation and a responsive stage for music performance; in fact, these structures were used as loudspeaker for guitar and live electronics composition (performed by Marina Tomei in Fonoteca nacional, Mexico City) and for a clarinet and live electronics .composition (performed by Francesco Pellegrino in semiottagono delle Murate, Florence). 

        The effect of sound, "injected" on water surface creates a natural response to vibration, an interpretation by nature of a human work. 

        Eight tubs surround the dark space, welcoming the audience in a moving and sounding space.

        The research on matter in this installation investigates on the matter of sound itself, translating it on a visual plane. Water becomes the bridge between the sound world and the visual world: the result is an augmented perception of the sound in an immersive environment. 

This installation was presented in:

Fonoteca nacional, Mexico City, with a concert for guitar (Marina Tomei) and live electronics, 2012

Semiottagono delle Murate, Florence, with a concert for clarinet (Francesco Pellegrino) and live electronics, 2012

Fortezza Vecchia, Livorno, for “Combat Price” 2013

STOFF Stokholm Fringe Festival, Stokholm 2013

Artist's website:

■ ■  Activity Information  ■ ■ 

DAC Artists in Residency

“Matter - Vibration - Space” Live Concert by Francesco Pellegrino

Time: 2018.11.3 (Sat.) 19:30

Venue: Dimensions Art Center(DAC), Huangjueping, Chongqing

Resident Artist: Francesco Pellegrino (ITA)

Art Director: Tu Zeng

Curator: Jing He

Aassistance: Burning Bear

Sponsored by: Dimensions Art Center (DAC), Florence Le Murate Progetti Arte Contemporanea

Supporter: Internationalized Artistic Talents Program of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

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