“Our bodies have turned to Gold”

Presentation by Finnish artist Kristiina Koskentola


Time: 2018.12.6 (Thu.) 16:00 – 18:00

Venue:Dimensions Art Center(DAC), Huangjueping, Chongqing


Artist:Kristiina Koskentola ( FI )

Dialogue Guest:Tu Zeng


Supporter:Internationalized Artistic Talents Program of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

Rural Revitalization and Folk Arts Revitalize Studio of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

Cross-media Art Studio of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

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■ ■  Introduction  ■ ■ 

        Over many years Kristiina Koskentola has spent significant amount of time in Beijing. By immersing her self into the communities in the peripheries of the city she has developed series of research- based cross-media works.Our bodies have turned to Goldis her most recent essay-film and installation that explores these conditions, for example, from material and metaphysical perspectives. WithOur bodies have turned to GoldKoskentola explores modes of collaboration and becoming with the more-than-human: In the video she is drawing broadly on the meditations on the site by a Daoist Master Wu, exchanges with a spiritual scholar Li, local knowledge from the village alongside with writings by the philosopher and feminist theorist Rosi Braidotti and the philosopher Gilles Deleuze.

        She will reflect on the importance of local knowledge and nomadic approach through her practice. How and what kind of active agency can non-human subjects perform, for example, in (local and global) social, ecological and economic systems?

        With this screening of this multivocal work and the talk Koskentola aims to open a dialogue in the context of posthuman discourse. Furthermore she will talk about the current situation in Beijing art community.


Videostill Our bodies have turned to Gold(2018)


■ ■  About Kristiina Koskentola  ■ ■


        Kristiina Koskentola (FI) is a visual artist based in Amsterdam and Beijing. She earned her PhD from the University of the Arts/ Chelsea College in London. She works with constellations of media (including video, photography, materials, stories and objects), interactive performative projects, and publications and lectures.

        Koskentola’s recent work explores subjectivity and agency of multiple co-actors. Her practice entails different levels of collaboration. Transcultural and monistic perspectives, lived experience, materiality and coexistence are central to her practice.

        Her work has been shown internationally in museums, institutions, and galleries, including Three Shadows Photography Art Center in Beijing, Zendai MoMA Shanghai, Skaftfel Centre for Visual Arts, Iceland, Gallery Lumen Travo, Amsterdam, Gallery Hippolyte, Helsinki, Museum De Lakenhal/Scheltema, Leiden, Star Gallery, Beijing.
        She has conducted talks, lectures, workshops and other academic work in different institutions and contexts including Central Academy, Beijing, Finnish Academy of Art in Helsinki, University of the Arts in London, Dutch Art Institute, Himalayas' Art Museum, Shanghai, Huangbian Station/ Times Museum, Guangzhou, General Public in Berlin and Smart Project Space in Amsterdam.