■ ■  Curatorial Preface  ■ ■ 

《The Sun Rises As Usual》

Tu Zeng

        Remind me that the sun rises on a daily basis, because I often forget about it, just like everyone else.

The world wakes up when the sun shed the first light every day and sleeps in the darkness until the human beings say "there should be light" when the fire is lit and the electricity is turned on to illuminate the planet that never sleeps.

        The sun rises every day but who turns it on? Asking this question makes us small as we are ignorant and at the same time it makes us proud because we come to terms with it.

        Today, the sun rises as usual, but it is no longer the tribute of all glory, nor is it the mysterious origin. It is just the reason for the existence of sunscreen creams and the other option besides turning on electric lights. We, the modern human beings, are so arrogant to ignore the exclusive pride of the sun while enshrouded in the sunshine. This arrogance is half praise and half deride. Meanwhile, everything in this world still requests persistently: there must be light. The chorus comes from flowers and forests, rivers and oceans, breeze and waves, and all creatures... except us who got the lights for the night?

        Human civilization shines in the vast darkness and the boundlessly unknown. Thus the human beings aware of their insignificance in the universe have to wield wisdom to fathom darkness and resort to lights. People get born and die in infinite times and they can neither live in infinite brightness nor in the darkness forever as they don’t belong to any of them. Lights travel into infinity through the darkness of cognition, the confliction of logic, the ups and downs of emotions and the life and death of people.

        Time flies with the sun rising as usual and the night coming as expected, reflecting the two sides of one thing, we call it peace.

        Human beings never stop weighing the importance of themselves with the whole world and mother nature to create harmony.

        People pick up the flowers in the evening and wait for the sun to come the next day.

        That is how eternity presents itself.

■ ■  About the Artis  ■ ■

Alexandre Dang

Born in 1973 in Strasbourg, France

Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium

Art/ Engineer Education

2007-2008 Brussels Belgium

under tutelage of Olivier Duquesne andProfessor Pierre Sterckx

1996 Paris France

Obtained Engineer Diploma from ParisNational Bridge Road School

1993 France Paris

Obtained Engineer Diploma from ÉcolePolytechnique, Paris France

Works Exhibited

2018 Heritage Space, Cultural Center,Hanoi, Vietnam Solo exhibition"Light and Life"

2017 A4 Art Museum, Chengdu, China

2017 Elektrownia, Cultural Center, Radom,Poland Monographic exhibition

2016 Xi'an Museum of Contemporary Art,Xi'an, China

Natural History Museum, Geneva, Switzerland

EPM Library, Medellin, Colombia

International Book Salon, Sharjah, UnitedArab Emirates

2015 National Museum of Singapore,Singapore

Art Tower Mito, Mito City, Japan

Venice Ca' Foscari University, Venice,Italy

2014 John Jay College, New York, UnitedStates

Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei,Taiwan

Charitable Activities

Support of the non-profit organization"Solar Solidarity International International" which aims at:

Enhancing public's attention on renewableenergy, especially solar energy resources through contemporary art creation;Raising funds to support the solar electrification construction in developingcountries, especially the installation of solar power equipment in schools.

■ ■  About the Part of Previous Works  ■ ■  

3/ 15April - 9 May 2010: 「Field of Dang’cing Solar Forget-Me-Not」

Atthe Royal Greenhouses of Laeken, Brussels, Belgium 

        AlexanderDang is an artist who actively thinks about sustainable development in artisticlanguage by using the theme of environment, nature, and life to create kineticworks operating thanks to renewable resources of energy. His installations of"Dancing Solar Flowers" represent a major work and an involvement insustainable development. Each flower has an engine that operates on a solarcell. When put under light, the solar cell convertslight into electricity and drives the engine to run theflower, that’s why the flowers are able to continue to dance. In addition toits aesthetic value, his work can also guide the public to think more deeplyabout today's energy use, as well asenvironment to reflect on the major transformation trendsand challenges of humanity.

4/ 17 - 18 November 2010: 「Dancing Solar Forget-Me-Not」

Atthe Royal Palace, Brussels, Belgium 

        Alexandre Dang comes originally from ascientific background (Engineer of the École Polytechnique (Paris) and of theÉcole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées (Paris)). Convinced of the need to raiseawareness of the potential of environmental friendly technologies(eco-technologies) and sustainable development, he developed his artisticcreation often incorporating solar energy as source into his kinetic art works.Through his work, he contributes educating the general public on contemporarythemes which represent a major challenge for the future.

        Though the sun provides 10,000 times moreenergy to the earth than humans need, more than 1.3 billion people still do nothave access to electricity. The pressing need to address this issue is thedriving force of Alexandre Dang’s artistic commitment, where he combinesscientific approach, environmental concern and humanism.

 5/ 18- 28 June 2012: 「Field of Turning Solar Sunflowers」

Atthe European Commission (Berlaymont), Brussels, Belgium 

Alexandre Dang has developed a pedagogicaspect to his sustainable art, using it to educate young people about thepotential of eco-friendly technologies with a focus on renewable energy. He hasco-founded Solar Solidarity International (a non-profit internationalassociation) to raise awareness on the potential of renewable sources of energyand to support solar electrification of schools in developing countries.

The 「Dancing Solar Flowers」 have become aniconic work of the commitment of the artist. They have toured around the world:USA, China, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Mexico, Brazil,Lebanon, Morocco, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Spain,Italy, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Estonia, and Romania…

8/ 25March - 12 May 2007: 「The Solar Flowers Dang’cing for Europe」 

Atthe European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium 

        His works have been featured in sitesincluding the Belgian and European Pavilion of World Expo Shanghai 2010, thePalais des Beaux Arts (Bozar – Center for fine Arts) in Brussels, the NationalMuseum of Singapore, the Singapore Art Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art(MOCA) of Taipei, the Central House of Artists ("The State TretyakovGallery at Krymsky Val"), the International Exhibitions of the UnitedNations on Climate Change (2008 Poznán, Copenhagen 2009, Cancún, 2010), theRoyal Greenhouses of Laeken (Brussels), the Royal Palace of Brussels, theEuropean Commission (Brussels), the European Parliament (Brussels, Luxembourg,Strasbourg), the Council of the European Union (Brussels) etc...

 11/18 May - 12 August 2012: "Dancing Solar Flowers"

Atthe Singapore Art Museum (SAM), Singapore

        They have joined museum collections including:the National Museum of Singapore (Singapore), the Singapore Art Museum(Singapore), the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) of Taipei, the CulturalCentre Art Tower Mito (Japan), the Doulun Museum of Modern Art (Shanghai), theMuseum of World Expo 2010 (Shanghai), the Museum of Science and Technology(Shanghai), the European Belgian Pavilion of World Expo 2010 (Qingdao), theMuseum of World Expo 2012 (Yeosu), the John Jay College (New-York), the Museumof Kadriorg Park (Tallinn), the Museum of the Millenaris (Budapest), the Museumof the Americas (Miami), the Musée de Plein Air du Sart -Tilman (Liège), theMuseum of Natural History (Mons), the Museum of Contemporary Art of theUniversité Libre de Bruxelles (Brussels), the Museum of Small Format (Nismes)...

 13/25 May 2009: "Dang’cing Solar Forget-Me-Not"

Atthe Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, Brussels, Belgium 

 ■ ■  Activity Information  ■ ■  

「Harmony and Peace」

French Artist: Alexandre Dang

Performance + Solo Exhibition

Performance +Openning Time: 2018.12.1(Sat)19:30

Exhibition Time: 2018.12.2(Sun)-2018.12.16(Sun)


Venue: Dimensions Art Center(DAC),Huangjueping, Chongqing

Artist: Alexandre Dang (FRE)

Curator: Tu Zeng

ExecutiveCurator: Jing He

Assistance: Burning Bear, Leroux Fanny, Shiya Shen, Yang Wang, Maëlys Brunet, Wei Wu  

Poster Design: Yuhang Lu

Sponsored by: Dimensions Art Center(DAC)

Supporter: Internationalized ArtisticTalents Program of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute

Supporting Media :