Solo Exhibition <Echo... echo... echo...> #27

ArtistTully Arnot(AUS)

Opening Party2015.11.7  19:30

Exhibition Duration2015.11.7 - 2015.11.29(Fri.-Sun. 14:00 - 18:00)

Address :Dimensions Art Center(DAC)

Introduction by Artist

Echo... echo... echo...

A sound defined by emptiness.
Objects which imply an absence.
Voids: to be filled, or what was once full.
Every canyon was once a stream,
every stream is an unsounded echo.

Longing – for something once felt,
or for something beyond our reach.
I want to touch everything... everything... everything...
To be human is to desire?
To be human is to fail, to flounder?

When does a machine (or kinetic sculpture lol) become a robot?
Will I ever become sentient? (Do we care?)
If I project a feeling, an emotion, onto an object, is that enough.
Are humans sentient?

Nature and technology are at war.
If the trees lose,
we can always paint their dead bodies green again.
Nature is quite real, but simulations are sometimes realer?
I dunno ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

- Tully Arnot
Nov. 2015

Activity Description

Jason and Tully are good friends and they chose the same day to do their exhibition. That is how Echo,Echo, Echo and One Grapefruit, a bowl of beef noodle and a pair of slippers the two solos opened up on the same day. Their exhibition showed how two Australian artists were different from Chinese artist in a more easy and humorous way.

Tully set modern technology into daily life and his works were presentations of rivaling of technology, human and nature. In his installations, he tries to change the practical function of daily items to have life under machine operation. Finger made of silicone gel kept tabbing messages from strangers on the cell phone screen every few seconds to express lonely modern people can not live without cell phone. At the same time, he posted this work Sculpture of Loneliness on website for sell. He said Duchamp made daily items in art works but he would change art pieces into practical use of daily life.

This is the only video work in Tully's exhibition and one of his newest experiment. He put all the thinking pieces together from all interviews. Thus the focus of the interview is not what the artist say but how they are thinking. We start to pay more attention to artists' spiritual world when the thinking before talking is emphasized. 

Chopsticks are indispensible dining tools in China.  It is interesting that Tully use machine to move the chopsticks around and around.

Simulated green plants can move on certain frequency when approached by human. It seems funny and is worthy of thinking when simulated mobile green plants are compared to the real but still one.