■ ■  Introduction  ■ ■

In this sharing session, Cross Media Studio of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute invites Jing Wang, who has been making documentary films and integrated media Artworks in New York City for several years. Jing graduated from The City University of New York-Hunter College with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Intergraded Media Art (MFA/IMA). Jing defines herself as a new immigrant, female independent filmmaker. She creates media artworks carry a unique perspective to gaze at American society. Jing has bilingual producing, scriptwriting, directing, editing and other aspects of media production experiences. Jing's themes focus on cultural exchanges between China and the United States, the protection of women's rights, and the social issues which new immigrants facing in the United States. Through her documentaries, Jing Wang speaks up for the Chinese community and the people at the bottom of society.  Her work aroused the attention of the mainstream American society on the issue related to new immigrants. Jing is also a teacher eager to promote cultural exchanges between China and the United States. She has served as a full-time lecturer at the State University of New York and as a guest lecturer at the city university of New York at Brooklyn College, Hunter College, and Queen's College. Wang mainly teaches integrated media production and documentary production courses. She also manages and operates a student TV station, where she passionately instructs student journalists to create news magazine style TV programs.


Ms. Wang jing is currently participating in the resources of the DAC Artists in Residency of the Dimensions Art Center (DAC). She will share her work and creative experience in the form of a video screening.

CMS sharing session | Wang Jing: video screening




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■ ■  About the Artist  ■ ■

Wang Jing


Jing Wang has lived in the United States for the past 12 years. While she is exploring the western art forms, she also realized that Chinese culture has a huge impact on her art practice. She has learned more about the charm and importance of Chinese culture since she left China. She yearns for the vibrant social state in China, which also gives her more thinking and inspiration. This time, Jing Wang collaborates with the Artists in Residency of the Dimensions Art Center(DAC), hoping to gain deeper into the context of Chinese society.


Jing Wang also participates and organizes a lot of cultural and educational activities in New York local community. In 2015, she founded "jZi media studio" with like-minded New York media professionals. As the only Asian filmmaker in the founder team, Jing Wang has fully played her role as a bridge of cultural exchange between China and the United States. The cultural organizations they collaborate within New York include Asia Cultural Center, Asia Society, Metropolitan Museum of Art and other famous cultural, education, institutions.


  • 2017-2018 collaborating with BPP, which is a non-profit organization affiliated with The City University of New York, participate with the community research team and produce the documentary 「Delivery Justice」.
  • Summer 2017, Directing documentary series about the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s special exhibition "Age of Empire - Art of Qin and Han dynasty".
  • 2017 completed the English version of 「My Name is Jing」 an autobiographical essay film. It took four years to write, direct and edit. The film discusses the family memories lost in China's post-80s generation.
  • 2013-2018 cooperated with Asia Society to edit and film the "TEQ Instructional Videos for Chinese Language Teaching"
  • 2016 Collaborated with Asian culture center to direct a short documentary film called 「From Sichuan to Martha Graham.」
  • 2016-2017 part-time Chinese culture teacher in United Nations International School.
  • 2016, directed the graduate students of urban planning at Queen's College, to create a short documentary about Urban planning and future development of Flushing, the largest Chinese community in New York. The film showed at a city councilor hearing, played a positive role in passing flushing's new planning proposal.
  • During the Spring Festival of 2016,  filmed the New York symphony orchestra, which to perform in the United Nations, Capitol Hill, Lincoln Center, and other places.
  • In the winter of 2015, planned and participated in the translation and publication of a book on the social impact of AIDS in Africa, the road to painful reconciliation.
  • In 2015, wrote and directed a short film about the hard life of undocumented immigrants, "Different Paths on the Same Boat". Jing also produced and co-directed the short psychological thriller "the Trial".
  • In 2015, produced, directed and created a TV talk show program, which discusses how the new immigration policy will affect professional immigrants. They interviewed a number of outstanding overseas students and young artists who are facing the dilemma of applying for H1B for graduation and staying in the United States.
  • In the fall of 2014, the experimental short film "N 2015" was exhibited at a well-known modern art gallery in New York.
  • In 2014, my autobiographical documentary script "Jinglish" was included in the textbook for college students' writing published by Oxford University Press and published as a model article.
  • In 2013, wrote, directed and acted in the multimedia experimental film 「iMei's May Day.」
  • 2011 directed a documentary on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The film was successfully broadcasted on a Taiwanese TV station.
  • 2011 participated in the Great Wall street march and filmed a documentary reflecting the social movement.

■ ■  Video Introduction  ■ ■

「Delivery Justice」



Jing Wang collaborates with BPP, which is a non-profit organization affiliated with The City University of New York. Jing not only participates with the community research team in the past two years, but she also working on a documentary called 「Delivery Justice」. It’s a feature-length documentary explores the social problems, that low-income new immigrant workers facing in New York City. Jing has interviewed dozens of e-bike food delivery workers, as well as the local politician and business owners who have concerned about this issue. Most of the immigrant food delivery workers she interviewed came to the U. S. undocumented, and without much English skills. They ride on the street of NYC every day to serve thousands of New Yorkers. However, they were materialized as 「Food delivery machine」. A lot of mainstream American media refers to this immigrant group as mafia who create a dangerous situation on the New York street. Jing filmed their daily life in a parallel perspective and discussed the pressure they facing from several walks of life in American society. Jing hopes from this film, New Yorkers get to know their delivery workers again.


 「Delivery Justice」 紀錄片  (2017 - 2018)

「My name is Jing」


「My name is Jing」 Preview

「My Name is Jing」 is an autobiographical Essay Film, which Jing took five years to complete the production. The film shows the ups and downs of an ordinary Chinese family from the perspective of a Chinese post-80s generation. By revisiting the places where carries personal memory fragments and using the audio-visual language and stream of consciousness expression to re-create an experimental memory world.  Jing attempt to understand her parents' life to redefine her own life. Jing said, This documentary is for myself and my sons, the process of making this film allows me to prepare to answer the questions that my America born children will ask me in the future. The film is also made for thousands of Chinese girls named "Jing".

「My name is Jing」— 紀錄片 (2017)

「iMei on May Day」


「iMei on May Day」 is a public space performance project, which Jing performed in Apple's global flagship store in Manhattan, New York. The project is reflecting on the breaking out of news of many young Foxconn workers committed suicide by jumping off their dormitory in 2013. Jing Wang is both the director and the main character of the film. She and her team staged a virtual re-establish Corporate public image PR event for Foxconn. Jing plays a Foxconn assembly-line worker who provides free ghost-fighting and asylum services to apple product users in New York. The company sent her to New York to keep Apple users from being haunted by the souls of young workers who commit suicide. This multimedia performance is accompanied by a wired twitter website, a fake media interview and iMei's live interaction with viewers. The video and all media materials were shot entirely by Apple products.

「iMei on May Day」—實驗短片 (2013)

「N-the missing N between metal and mental」


This work is inspired by a poem named 「N」 by modern American poet Stuart Sherman’. The poem mentions that there is only the N between mental and metal. Jing’s long-time art partner, Annie Berman, a famous new media artist, invited her to collaborate on this video poetry. They created the film from the perspective of two modern women in New York City: the perspective of a Caucasian female artist and the perspective of Asian immigrant female artists. They filmed together but edited separately. They made their own version of the video poem. Beside the public performance scene, the film also presents the inner world of the body and sound world of emotion cries in the metal world.  With these three different dimensions, Jing attempts to show a female individual’s emotional world in the living state of steel forest cities like New York City.

—紀錄片 (2013)


DAC Artists In Residency (DAIR)  is a multi-dimensional art research and exchange platform with “contemporary”, “experimental”, “locality” and “publicity”. DAC is committed to materializing the symbiosis of art and society, facing the local social scene and cultural background under the context of the current era of international contemporary art environment to carry out cross-disciplinary, cross-media and interdisciplinary integration through researches on theoretical practices with open, innovative and experimental mindset.

DAC continuously recruits and invites artists, curators, designers and other professionals from all over the world to Artists In Residency and provide months of local residence and works presentation opportunities. DAC help all kinds of professionals carry out theoretical research in locality and practices in creation on this platform, exerting their creativity with freedom. To this end, we also channel resources from various fields and leverage reasonable social cooperation and resources to materialize the social effect of art, the revitalization of the region and the symbiosis with joint efforts.