时间之镜首届重庆国际实验影像双年展开幕式 即将亮相!

Time Mirror - The opening ceremony of the first Chongqing International Experimental Image Biennial is 

about to debut!


Opening Ceremony of the Biennale


    With the beating of the clock hands, the First Chongqing International Experimental Visual Art(photograph&video)Biennale, Project B is getting closer and closer, and the curtain of the art festival will be slowly pulled up. What surprises will you be waiting for at the scene? Art lovers, adventures enthusiasts, and card enthusiasts are welcome to come to Huangjueping on March 23, to Chongqing's art source, to the place where freedom and dream come from, to the scene of the First Chongqing International Experimental Visual Art(photograph&video)Biennale, to feel the excitement, emotion, vibration and heartbeat brought by art, to witness the memory time and space reset by video art, to guide the sense of synaesthesia and the texture of thinking with visual perception, to experience the truth of life, and feel the sincerity of art. 


    Come and join us. At this time, let us open a new world of the experimental visual art!

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Opening Ceremony



Time:  March 23rd, 2019, 17:30PM

Location:Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Huangjueping District (Tank Loft Arts Center)


Exhibition index


On March 23, 2019, from 10:00 am to 20:00 pm, the following contents are available:


    The “Main Exhibition Unit”is the pivotal part of The First Chongqing International Experimental Visual Art(photograph& video) Biennale. As the main platform for the Biennale to display works, it is the concentrated expression of the exhibition curatorial intention. 50 groups of artists from 10 countries are invited to participate in the exhibition. The Chinese and Western exchanges promote each other and various art forms such as photography, video and video installations are selected to the exhibition. An experimental exploration is made from the medium form to the concept of content. 


Main exhibition site preparations


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    The special project invited six groups, including Yong Tang , Yuanling Wang , Zhenhong Luo  & Fuli Cui ,  Xun Dong & Jianping Wu ,Yanzi Hu , Zhi Geng& Haoqiao Jiang & Wandi Wang as thesub-curators, who uphold the purpose of"local globalization" and "present contemporaneity" to organizean on-site creationfor the Huangjueping art community. Based on the intervention of image consciousness in contemporary art and contemporary culture, six art scenes which are bothindependent and relatedare formed. The special project unit is different from the exhibition of the white box space of the traditional art museum. It is an exhibition and an art event. It presents different artistic ways of thinking in different community spaces and different time sections.


    The special projects that will be presented online on March 23, 2018 are: "Reconstructing the scene - Re-engineering on time, memory and reality , "Wearable Exhibition", "Reenactment", "Everything is still in time"。


Preparation for the Special Project


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    As one of the three parts of Project B of The First Chongqing International Experimental Visual Art(photograph&video)Biennale, the parallel project is an important branch of the exhibition. Through the cooperation with relevant art institutions, the mutual use of resources can effectively promote and encourage the diversified development of the artistic ecology of the Huangjueping community, enrich the construction of the art network, and promote the curatorial concept of the Biennale, so that the identification is conducive to attracting more elementary art hobby groups to join the creation, organization and activities of contemporary art, to create an artistic community atmosphere of symbiosis, sharing and win-win.





The Parallel Plans that will be presented online on March 23, 2018 are:

The YINZI Theater Image Project "2019 Chongqing YINZI Theater Independent Image Exhibition";

The ORGANHAUS Art Space Image Project "Xi Song image art works solo exhibition: One Mistake";

The “ Huangjueping Public Film Screening Plan” brought by Chongqing Eighty-Nine Cultural Communication Development Co., Ltd.


exhibits of Parallel Project





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Details of Exhibition Area Map :