■ ■  執 行 策 展 人 前 言  ■ ■

Preface By The Executive Curator



    From the perspective of the concept, I actually don't like ‘double’, nor ‘field’.

    ‘Double’ always make me think there is a metaphor of binary opposition,and ‘field’, although a very three-dimensional concept, is a little bit confusing. But once the two words are combined, the sense of "binary opposition" is pulled into a three-dimensional space, and the complex semantic structure is put in front of a mirror: a three-dimensional spatial relationship with obvious contrast. This relationship constitutes a "Double Field".

▲ 嘉陵江邊(嘉華大橋), 2019,80x120cm, 印刷,燈光

Jialing riverside (Jiahua Bridge), 2019, 80x100cm, print, spotlight


    If we want to find a definite "double field" model in reality, Chongqing may be an ideal solution. I believe that every newcomer when they arrive in Chongqing will be amazed by such a magical urban form. In Chongqing, the original natural terrain shows a strong persistence despite the process of urban modernization, and the visible geographical fluctuations coexist with large industrial organs. Human civilization cling to the spine of nature, and nature is visually immortal.

▲ 墳墓,2019,80x100cm, 油畫

Tomb,  2019, 80x100cm, oil on canvas

    本次駐留展內所展出的Blaise Schwartz的創作受到了重慶城市形態的啟發,而後前往了更豐富的方向發展。我們可以從他的畫作中讀取到一種隸屬於對物質性世界進行認知範疇的城市技術觀,法國哲學家貝爾納•斯蒂格勒在其著作《技術與時間》中提到,技術是一種記憶形式,是一種有組織的無序物。這其實與海德格爾與胡塞爾的技術觀都共同強調了一個點:技術在人類的短暫存在中具有構成意義,它經由文明的積累而現象化,同時塑造文明的景觀。

    The works of Blaise Schwartz exhibited in this exhibition were inspired by the urban form of Chongqing, and then went to a richer direction. From his paintings, one can see a conception of urban technology where the material world get integrated into cognitive categories. The French philosopher Bernard Stiegler mentioned in his book "Technology and time" that technology is a form of memory and an organized disorder. In fact, together with the views on technology of Heidegger and Husserl, they all emphasize one point: technology has constructive significance in the transient existence of human beings, and its appearance reflects the accumulation of civilization in itself, and at the same time shapes the landscape of a civilization.

▲ 大橋迷宮,2019,視頻 3’46m

The Bridge’s Labyrinth, 2019, Video, 3’46mn

    在這樣的宏觀認知下,Blaise Schwartz感興趣于想像與物質性現實的的關係,感興趣於相互矛盾的思想和表像,這在他作品中以明確的關係展示了出來,當然,這需要您的親身感受。在本次展覽中,有著藝術家本人與其作品間的雙重場域關係,其各個作品之間也構成這樣的關係,與我,與整個展覽,其實都存在於一種物質性現實與想像之間。以至於正在閱讀這份文字的你,作為觀眾,雖然可以像我一樣,不喜歡雙重,也不喜歡場域,但又毋庸置疑地置身其中。


    In such a macro cognition, Blaise Schwartz is interested in the relationship between imagination and physical reality, and in contradictory thoughts and representations, which are shown in his works in explicit relationships. Of course, it needs your personal experience. In this exhibition, there is a double field relationship between the artist himself and his works, which also constitutes such a relationship between each of his works. In fact, with me and with the whole exhibition, all things exist between material reality and imagination. So while you are reading this text, as an audience, you can just like me don't like ‘double’ nor ‘field’, but you are undoubtedly in it.

Welcome to‘Double Fields’.

─── 杜鎔勛 Rongxun Du

■ ■  藝 術 家 自 述  ■ ■

Text By The Artist

▲ 屋頂,馬路,2019,100x100cm, 油畫

Roof,  road, 2019,100x100cm, oil on canvas


    Architectures and infrastructures are a completion of an idea into the physical world, while painting, and more generally artworks remain between fullfilment and virtuality. The two-dimensional image is the ability to see what does not yet exist, or as in the paintings presented here to make exist a space where one already exists. Architectures and infrastructures are the artificial organs of man at their largest scale. On the contrary, the forms that link the two spaces in each of these paintings come from little drawing improvisations or idea sketches that have been enlarged, traces of a more basic and direct scale of exteriorisation.


▲ 雙重場域 - 表演記錄, 2019 

舞台:Blaise Schwartz | 舞者:賀浩然、李坤龍 | 音樂家: Passepartout Duo,視頻,25分鐘左右

Double  Fields - performance recording,  2019 | Scenography: Blaise Schwartz | Dancers: He Haoran and Li Kunlong | Musicians: Passepartout Duo. Video, Around 25mn 


    This question of concretization brings the one of the relation between imagination and material reality of the world, their mutual influences, which is close to the ideas of Gregory Bateson that there are relations between ecosytems of ideas and ecosystems of life. Thus in Modernity ideology, the idea that everything is resolvable by technologies leads to a certain visual appearance of the modern world, leading to a constant transformation and domestication of nature, which includes human nature.


───  Blaise Schwartz

■ ■  藝 術 家 介 紹  ■ ■

About The Artist

    Blaise Schwartz,法國藝術家,生於1992年,創作、生活於法國和中國之間。2016年巴黎美術學院榮譽畢業生。


2019,« 時間之鏡 » 於中國重慶四川美術學院及周邊街道,群展;

2019,« 100% L’Expo » 於法國巴黎La Villette,群展;

2018,« 一灘鷗鷺 » 於中國上海半張圖美術館, 群展;

2017,« Felicità 17 » 於法國巴黎美術宮, 群展;

2014, « 追求卓越 » 於法國巴黎中國文化中心, 群展;

2013, « hasard d’ensembles » 於法國阿諾奈GAC,群展;


▲ 樓梯,2018,145x145cm, 油畫

Stairs, 2018,145x145cm, oil on canvas

▲ 切片,2018,50x50cm, 油畫

Slice, 2018,50x50cm,oil on canvas

▲ 花園,2018,100x100cm, 油畫

The Garden, 2018,100x100cm, oil on canvas

▲ 事實的空間,2016,200x200cm, 油畫

Spaces of facts, 2016,200x200cm, oil on canvas

■ ■  合 作 藝 術 家 介 紹  ■ ■

Co-artists Introduction


    Born in Chongqing in 1993, he has sailing experience and contact with street dance and Chongqing Body Theater.


    1987年生於大同,自由独立舞者,IN FREE LIVE艺术空间創作人和負責人。

    Born in Datong in 1987, a free and independent dancer, creator and director of“IN FREE LIVE” art space.


 藝術家組合:「 路路通二重奏 」

    鋼琴家Nicoletta Favari(上)和打擊樂器演奏家Christopher Salvito(下)通過創造跨學科的合作和沈浸式的音樂活動,在不同文化和美學的交融中獲得了當代古典音樂倡導者的美譽。他們在全世界進行了長達數年的旅程。受到不斷變化的地理位置的影響,這對組合製作了新的曲目,創作了原創作品,並拍攝了音樂視頻,試圖以一種創造性和引人入勝的形式捕捉他們的詮釋。

    Through the creation of interdisciplinary collaborations and immersive musical events that thrive at the intersection of different cultures and aesthetics, pianist Nicoletta Favari (up) and percussionist Christopher Salvito (down) have earned a reputation together as advocates for contemporary classical music as they continue their years-long journey around the world. Influenced by their ever-changing location, the duo commissions new repertoire, composes original pieces, and films music videos that seek to capture their interpretations in a creative and engaging format.


■ ■  展 覽 信 息  ■ ■

Exhibition Information


  2019 "Open June, Chuanmei Creation Valley Art Tour"

《雙重場域》法國藝術家Blaise Schwartz駐留作品展

「Double Fields」residency exhibition by French artist Blaise Schwartz


  展覽時間:2019.6.1- 6.23



  Openning Time: 2019.6.8(Sat.)19:00

  Exhibition Time: 2019.6.1 - 2019.6.23


  Venue: Dimensions Art Center (DAC), Huangjueping, Chongqing

  藝術家:Blaise Schwartz(法國)

  合作藝術家:賀浩然(中國)、李坤龍(中國)、Nicoletta Favari(意大利)、Christopher Salvito(美國)




  Artist: Blaise Schwartz ( FR )

  Co-Artists: Haoran He、Kunlong Li、Nicoletta Favari (ITA)、Christopher Salvito (USA)

  Art Director: Tu Zeng

  Curator: Yanzi Hu

  Executive curator: Rongxun Du(DAC Emerging Curator Practice Project)





  Coordination: Yi Luo

  Poster Design: Yuhang Lu

  Translation Assistance: Rongxun Du 

  Shooting Assistance: Boling Xiong



  guidance organization: 

  Culture And Tourism Development Committee of Chongqing Jiulongpo District  

  Sponsored by: Dimensions Art Center (DAC) 





  Sense health Management Studio、

  International Art Top Talents Experimental Class



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