■ ■  策 展 人 前 言  ■ ■

Curator's preface


     As Fei Hsiao-Tung mentioned in Peasant Life in China, the land that people own used to be part of the personality. Entering the era of post-industry, people tends to be separated from our original homeland by concretes, plastics, rebars, and etc., during which process, the total personality is breaking into pieces. Most people are no longer tied to the land where they are born and raised; most land are no longer for agricultural use; most villages turn into cities; and most natural persons become citizens. But whose citizens are we? 


     For Kevin, citizens do not belong to a single building or a certain district. In other words, the relation between him and the city defines which kind of citizen he is. He searches for new landmarks and creates new landscapes like other land artists do. From the detailed materials collected, he see the complexity of the present society, which is opposite to what Jean Baudrillard says in The Consumer Society that the modernized world is constructed into a structural social sphere. Chongqing, in Kevin’s eyes, is more complicated and organic on both geographical and ideological levels. Within the gap of these unclear structures and rules, people including Kevin find their own tricky freedom.  


     As an outsider from Canada, Kevin see a different dimension above the architectures of Chongqing which is the genuine homeland of the all—time, while people seems to ignore the concept of homeland when we are living, working, studying in certain buildings. Local residents have witnessed huge changes of the city, while the connection with the land is fading away at the same time. Kevin, with his collection and re-organizations, tries to figure out who we are and reveal the higher dimension of the city to the viewers. In the process of de-familiarization, attention will be drawn back to the details of their daily life, and re-discover the everyday aesthetics. In The Myths of Aesthetics, Katya Mandoki points out that art, however, no matter how elitist it may be, is and has always been a social product and is linked to society, which can be even more exciting under the context of Chongqing. Through exhibiting alienation, we hope that viewers could understand the myth of the opposition of aesthetics and everyday life is so deep-rooted that philosophers of aesthetics don’t even consider it necessary to make explicit.  


     Meanwhile, concerns about the environment is another underlying theme of this exhibition. As mentioned above, the rapid development of the city has brought about numerous changes, and environmental problem is one of the side effect. Baudrillard suggests that consumer society needs to consume products more rapidly. In other words, people are forced to consume, which is a kind of waste. When a skyscraper is built, ten is being tore down. The construction wastes and ruins are left in the street corners, as a track of the development. Though collecting and displaying these materials, Kevin tries to arouse people’s attention of environmental issues, and rethink our relation with the earth as a whole.  


     At the age of city transition, people seems to get lost in the concert forest. Under such condition, trans-culture perspectives might bring the viewer new angles of the city they live in. This might be a chance for our audiences to jump out of their daily life loop and see Chongqing objectively. 


     If you are asked to describe the city you live in, what answer would you give? Now, keep this question in mind, and you may answer it after you see Kevin’s installation.



CCC:a living map of Huang Jue Ping,2019,local

■ ■  藝 術 家 介 紹  ■ ■

About the Artist

教育背景︱Educational background


2010 年毕业于法国凡尔赛国家建筑学院,获建筑学士学位

2008 年获法国巴黎科尔布尔国家应用艺术学院空间设计高级证书

2018Master degree in visual and media arts, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), Canada

2010Bachelors in architecture, Versailles’ National School of Architecture, France

2008Senior technician certificate in space design, National School of Applied Arts - école Boulle, Paris


2019 年 項目進行中,若利耶特藝術美術館,魁北克

2018年 “再現”,魁北克大学蒙特利尔分校

2018年 “容器”, 达令基金会,蒙特利尔

2017年 “亭與閣”,蒙特利尔美术学院,蒙特利尔

2016年 “流动的疆域”, 现代空间画廊,蒙特利尔

2016年 “城市射线”, SORA画廊,日本

2016年 “赫宾3D循环”, 抽象计划,巴黎

2019Still under construction, Art museum of Joliette, Joliette, Quebec, 

2018Re-excavations, CDEx, UQAM, Montreal

2018Appareillage, Darling Foundry, Griffintown district, Montreal

2017 Pavillon, Old school of Fine Arts of Montreal, Montreal

2016Unstable territories, Espace Contemporain gallery, Montreal

2016Urban radiography, Sora gallery, Japon

2016Herbin 3D loop, Abstract Project, Paris

關於本次駐留︱Aboutthis Residency



     My research begins by walking and drifting in the city, looking for details that catch my attention, change my perception and active my imagination. During thoses moments of wandering, I collect notes, writings and drawings, images and videos, objects, materials and wastes. All this makes an inventory ready to transpose and reorganize my experience in many forms of plastic researches : drawing, painting, sculpture, virtual images, 3D animation, installation. In fact, from this materials, my work pursue the movement initiated in the city, with all the unexpected involved : hazard, error, accident, distraction, discovery. My aim is to produce layouts (in 2D, 3D, real or virtual) whon invite spectators to perceive differently what surrounds them. Those creates a representation of the urban space and his use according to my movement in the city at some point of her unceasing transformation. 

This process is leading by a critical reflection on the standardization and the alienation of the uses in the Modern city related to how she is thought, conceived and constructed.

以往作品介紹︱Introduction to Previous Works


     Recently, I realized site-specific installations from objects, materials and construction wastes recycled and revealed by controlled dynamic lightings including sometimes animated video projections. Multiples actions and gestures are involved in the spatialization process. It reveals how my body according to my thoughts inhabits an unknown space. Then, spectators are invited to wander by exploring perceptive effects relative to my own experience : loss of landmarks, reflections of light, disorientation…This acting also appears in my walks. Taking materials from the street, I rearrange them in ephemeral compositions directly in the spot, capting my intervention by pictures, left there then like a trace of my passage, a revealant moment. Both of this methods are means to talk about our environmental footprint by using the wastes of our consumnation of the city. Daily and common actions, becoming a way to reveal a social and a architectural context, are implied in kind of a sampling methodology to inventorize our urban space uses.


Appareillage, Darling foundry, site specific installation, Montreal, 2018


Faces cachées (voir à travers), site specific installation, Montreal, 2018


Knotted : 07-12-2017, performative action, Griffintown district, Montreal, 2017


Mapped : 07-12-2017, performative action, Griffintown district, Montreal, 2017


Exercice de matelotage, site specific installation, Montreal, 2017


Notes and drawings (process), 2017

■ ■  青年策展人介紹  ■ ■

Curator introduction


Born in 1996, from Shanghai, will go for a MA degree in NYU IFA. Mainly focus on modern and contemporary art history.


Earned a BA from Nanjing University, School of Liberal Arts. Major in Chinese Language and Literature, minor in Art History. Following professor Zhou Xian.


■ ■  展 覽 信 息 ■ ■ 

Exhibition Information

《CCC》,加拿大藝術家Kevin Pinvidic個展

CCC,Residency exhibition by Kevin Pinvidic


展覽週期:2019.8.10 - 2019.8.18


地點:重慶 · 黃桷坪 · 十方藝術中心

Openning Time: 2019.8.10(Sat.)19:30

Exhibition Time: 2019.8.10- 2019.8.18


Venue: Dimensions Art Center(DAC), Huangjueping, Chongqing

藝術家:Kevin Pinvidic(加拿大)




Artist:  Kevin Pinvidic

Art Director: Tu Zen

Academic Supporting:Yanzi Hu

Curator : Shen Qu(DAC Emerging Curator Practice Project)





Coordination: Ben

Poster Design: Yuhang Lu

Translation Assistance:  Shen Qu

Live shooting: Ke Hu


Sponsored by: Dimensions ArtCenter (DAC)





Sense health Management Studio

International Art Top Talents Experimental Class



郵箱 : info@chongqingdac.org


Facebook : 重慶市十方藝術中心


Website : chongqingdac.org

Email : info@chongqingdac.org

Wechat : CNCQDAC

Facebook : Chongqing Dimensions Art Centre & Chongqing Artists In Residency

Address : Huangjueping GuanJiaLin 190, Jiulongpo, Chongqing, CN.