One Owns One Way

文:青年策展人 张雪琴

Writer, Emerging Curator Xueqing Zhang

     本次展览是复归倡议·长江国际黄桷坪艺术文化 - 城市记忆·社会景观与社群风景的活动之一。而以“各有个做”属名题是希望进一步指出前瞻性在艺术实践的重要。这是离开舒适区并进入未知区域的迷惑与期待。本次所选择的艺术家与青年策展人都来自各领域实践探索,在城市记忆的碎片中提出的质疑和反思。贺浩然通过《陆地的触觉》来反映自己的思想和处境。以清晰、具体、可感的自然物与无形、抽象的文字描述作为材料,在黯淡的光线条件下构建新的空间。他用黑暗和文字描述来重塑环境边界,用触觉与注意力来感知个体本身,呈现他视角中的人与世界。他本可以在航运业的道路上走得更久,但对艺术的思考一定程度上触发了他对人生得重新考量,改变了他的人生目标。把诗词和现代装置联系起来,洞察到更深和更广的地方,这是他对漆黑的大海 自然现象的本真反应,透视所有领域,才会发现整个世界。看看这次贺浩然的呈现方式,有时候,他尤其想把单件作品放置在分离的场景中,不跟其他作品堆放一起,也不搞的很复杂。另一些时候,他又忍不住把大量作品集合起来。浩然的风格,源于你们脚底的体验,源于大家多与他交流。This exhibition is one of the activities taking place during the RIVIVAL · Yangtze International Huangjueping Culture and Art Festival ——          City Memory · Society Spectacle and Community Scenery. The title of "One Owns One Way" is to further point out the importance of foresight in artistic practice. It's the confusion and anticipation of getting out of comfort zone and into the unknown. The artists and emerging curators come from all fields of practical exploration, raising questions and introspection in the fragments of urban memory.
Haoran He reflects his thoughts and situations through “the Touch of the Land”. With clear, concrete, sensible natural objects and intangible, abstract text description as the material, to build a new space in the dim light conditions. He used darkness and words to reshape the boundaries of environment, touch and attention to perceive the individual, therefore to present his vision of human and the world.He could have been in the shipping Industry much longer, but his think about art partly triggered a rethinking of his life and changed his purpose. Connecting poetry to modern devices and seeing deeper and wider is his natural response to the natural phenomena and the dark sea. The whole world is revealed by looking into all fields.Look at the way Haoran presents this time. Sometimes, he especially wants to put individual pieces in separate scenes, not mixing them up with other pieces, and not making them complicated. At other times, he puts together a large works collection.Haoran's inspiration stems from the experience of himself as well as communicating with others.

教育背景︱Educational Background

贺浩然, 1993 生于中国重庆


He Haoran, born in Chongqing, China, 1993.

2016 graduated from Shanghai Maritime University, major in Navigation Technology.



     I was a navigator for 2 years after graduation, transporting goods by cargo ship between different ports through the oceans. Perhaps people will think I spent lots of time in different lands, but actually my working condition is simple and silent, because for a long time I was on the sea instead of land. I think seaman’s job is “antihuman”  that seaman is far away from land and society, and it leads me to think about human’s inside. Human beings is not only existing as human society, but also existing as a simple human, how would u face this universe as a alone creature. There are lots of means of artistic expression, after different learning I realize human’s physical body is good medium, as it is natural and individual, and I keep on learning other ways.

作品︱ Exhibitions &  Performances

2019 双重场域,合作者:Blaise Schwartz、Passepartout Duo、李坤龙。

2019 与,编导: 荣涛。

2019 Double Fields, cooperator: Blaise Schwartz, Passepartout Duo, Li Kunlong.

2019 With, director: Rong tao.


dance drama “ With “,director: Rong tao.  2019.Aug


现场表演《双重场域》,合作艺术家:Blaise Schwartz, Passepartout Duo, 李坤龙,2019.6

live show “ Double Fields”, cooperated with Blaise Schwartz, Passepartout Duo, Li KunLong. 2019.Jun



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