Poster Design: Ruiqi Shi

海报背景图片摄影:王天洪  第七届Up-On现场艺术节

Poster Background Photography: Tianhong Wang

The 7th Up-On Live Art Festival




衣服和人衣服和衣服 人与人 人与环境······相互关系







- 艺术家 王孟楠




The relationship between people, people and environment, people andthemselves.

Close Clothes

The interact relationship between clothes and people, clothes, people, people and environment.

As a fashion designer, I am always questioning myself and questioning what I am doing with my clothes? Is it really helping people become more confident? Or help people find a box that can escape the outside world for a short time? Or find the equipment they want to be a character?

Clothes, as the separation of the human body and the outside world, naturally create a spatial relationship between man and the outside world. This spatial relationship protects oneself and understands others. There is an alternative safe distance between people. Everyone has a relatively free body space.

But what if the clothes go against the road? What is the reaction or feeling when clothes are forcibly brought closer to the relationship between people and when there is a close or uncomfortable relationship with others? People will change their physical space, face sudden intimacy, and will try to pull the security that existed before they were protected. Or accept and embrace the closeness at this time? How can we get along with this "forced"? How to face those who are also connected like us?

When encounters and connections occur to a certain extent, they are separated.

Similarly, in the face of separation, how can we choose?

When people wear clothes that are connected together, the clothes will change the space state of the clothes on the person in the daily state according to the mutual pulling and approaching between people. In this new state of space, subtle changes have taken place in the relationship between people and themselves. Each participant needs to re-adapt themselves and their relationship with others. Regardless ofthe outcome of the adaptation, there will be separations. We may not be able to escape from separation and avoid the separate time, but we can choose a way to face it, whether it is to leave part of the other party or to separate part of it. Is it a quick decision, or a delicate and gentle, it is ok to give each other a hug when they are apart. Because our clothes have the mark we used to get along with, it has become part of this dress. Maybe we will continue to find new spaces to build new relationships.

- Artist  Mengnan Wang

2019 复归 • 长江国际黄桷坪文化艺术季

CITY MEMORY - Society Spectacle and Community Scenery
《衣依》 - 行为现场

< Close Clothes >  - Behavior Scene

时间 | Time:2019.11.16(周六 | Sat.)19:00-19:40
地点 | Venue:重庆黄桷坪十方艺术中心
Dimensions Art Center, Huangjueping, Chongqing

Artist :  Mengnan Wang

Curator : Tu Zeng

教育背景 | Educational Background

2005-2008太原幼儿师范学院 服装设计专业 中专

2009-2013 华中农业大学楚天学院(现武汉设计工程学院)服装设计系本科

2005 – 2008  Fashion Design  Taiyuan Preschool teachers College (atechnical secondary school )       

2009-2013 Fashion Design  Huazhong Agricultural University Chutian College (the present Wuhan Design Engineering College)

展览经历 | Exhibition Experience

《讨厌》  影像联展《STAND POINTI》March Space 澳大利亚墨尔本 2017

《我和160/84A》第五届UP-ON现场艺术节 四川成都 2017

《我是一个迷茫的服装设计师》 个展 十方艺术中心 重庆2018

《衣依》第七届UP-ON现场艺术节 四川成都 2019

Hate, video exhibition“STAND POINTI” March Space, Melbourne, Australia, 2017

I and 160/84A, the fifthUP-ON Live Arts Festival, Chengdu of Sichuan, 2017

I am a Confused FashionDesigner, individual exhibition, Dimensions Art Center, Chongqing, 2018

Close Clothes, the 7th Up-On Live Arts Festival, Chengdu of Sichuan, 2019

其他经历 | Other Experience

参演现代舞剧《与》编导荣涛 重庆 2019

Participated in the moderndance drama “With” directed by Rong Tao, Chongqing, 2019



, Behavior, 2015



, Video Behavior, 2017

《和我姥爷有关的一个故事》,装置 行为,2018

, Device Behavior, 2018

《踢脚线 - 你觉得》,装置 声音,2018

, Device Sound, 2018