■ ■ 策展人前言■ ■

Curator's Preface


Behavior Poems in Nature


Mr. Libin He's creative process is impressive: from 1997 to now, 22 years have passed with more than 180 works and a huge amount of information. Behind these figures is a diligent artist devoting himself to them, integrating life and creation and creating a solid life course of local artistic ecology. Taking the life course as a frame of reference, any writing is frivolous, but I still want to try to explain some background to this exhibition through the following words:


Don't talk about Libin He without images and literature.


Libin He,who graduated from Southwest University's Academy of Fine Arts in 1996 and majored in oil painting, emphasized the visual image and sense of form in his works. The painting is huge in size, full in color, thick in thickness and trembling in brushwork. As curator Luo Fei said, "The brushwork is bold and concise, and the artistic conception is lonely and cold. It gives people the feeling of being on the spot, as if they can hear the pace of 'some scenery figures' moving in the hot sun, wastel and and jungle." In addition to his paintings, his poems are full of thoughts on nature, life, heaven,earth and the universe.


Oil on canvas

200×150cm 2008


Behavioral art is a comprehensive medium for artists to carry creative passion besides painting and literature with the characteristics of his previous paintings and poems. Sometimes he would match a poem for his works of behavior and sometime he would perform situational presentation of behavior because of the"poetic image" that appeared first. "It awakens my memory and reaches deep into my soul. It allows me to look for the past that I have forgotten and find myself. I chose the performance art, the performance art also chose me, we have been looking for each other, until finally met. "In the discussion with friends, Libin He continuously examined the relationship between the creation of performance art and self.


In fact, no matter what media, they are all responding to the artist's life thinking and physical circumstances and the core of their works is the same. Therefore, when we watch artists' works of performance art, we should not be divorced from the "iconological background of poetry" constructed by artists through images and literature.



2012 丽江茨满村 Ciman, Lijiang


Don't talk about Libin He with a single work.


Libin He's life state is a complete work. He produces images through continuous creation, such as climbing body, walking body, weight-bearing body and waiting body. These bodies are wrapped in either pure white or everyday clothing, and together with the linear materials (fishing rod, PVC pipe, bamboo pole, clothstrip ...) and powdery materials (flour, incense ashes, paper scraps ...)  he often uses constitute a relatively constant imagery symbol. This symbol has a strong continuity, behind which is the artist's aesthetic characteristic of forging around a value judgment.



2019.4.1-4.14 东川 Dongchuan


We can't make a simple summary of "language", "concept" or "sociality" according to the conventional interpretation, nor is it suitable to make an over-analysis of a work alone. Through intentional and willful body language in his works, he shows us his continuous interaction and coexistence with his natural environment and social field. This comprehensive connection constructs a rich and continuous image in the ecology of Yunnan art, which makes us not only unable to talk about Libin He with a single work, but also unable to talk about him only with an exhibition.


Don't talk about Libin He in the exhibition.


In fact, when we talk about Chinese contemporary art, we usually refer to typical contemporary art systems based on art galleries, galleries, media, collections and auctions in high-exposure cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu, which are almost ineffective in Yunnan's social environment away from capital markets and power centers. The mountains here are high and the water is far away. Artists are required to have more complex abilities and more initiative. As a representative artist in Yunnan, Libin He has promoted the ecological development of Yunnan art in recent years in different aspects such as behavior teaching, activity planning and literature research, in addition to personal creation.


In 2014, Libin He introduced the content of performance art into the elective course "comprehensive materials" offered by the Yunnan Art Institute where he teaches and then applied for "situational art" to bring different artistic development to young artists to the best of their ability. At the same time, its planned arts festivals, performance art workshops, performance theatres, performance clubs, cross-border parties, literature exhibitions, lectures and other activities continue to take place, continuously bringing an international perspective to Yunnan to create more opportunities for young artists to display and exchange to greatly promote the daily occurrence of performance art in Yunnan. As the artist himself said, "public understanding and understanding of the performance art will change only if it becomes routine."

行为会友 Meeting Friends

寻甸大石洞 Searching for Rock Cave



Don't talk about Libin He without nature.


The relationship between man and nature is the starting point and foothold of Libin He's creation. Perhaps it is natural to talk about "man and nature" in Yunnan's full and strong ecological environment, but I prefer to watch this behavior in the global context of modern society. Driven bycapital, technology and political structure, the modern world order is undergoing fierce changes. The relationship between man and nature is also tornapart and the physical body is alienated. The cement earth can no longer breathe and support the living as before. And Libin He's works include "the return of human beings to the natural attributes of the body","the response of human beings to the natural environment" and "the ultimate cognition of self through the search for nature" which are of great social significance from this perspective.


He is a child running in nature and a guardian hovering over the land.



2014 呈贡梨园 Chenggongli Park


Since about 2009, Libin He has implemented a large number of performance works completed in the natural environment. It was also from this year that he began to plan the "On the Cloud" International Live Art Festival, which continues to this day. He invited domestic and foreign performance art creators to improvise in Yunnan's mountains and rivers and fields, leaving his body to nature. Looking at the performance art creation scene in Asia, Southeast Asian artists tend to express political demands, South Asian countries have a stronger sense of religion and Japan in East Asia pays attention to subtle things. As for several performance art settlements in China, compared with Xi 'an's historical context and international exchanges, Chengdu and Chongqing's public participation and personnel training, Yunnan's performance art creation has two distinct characteristics of "nature" and "improvisation" under the promotion of Libin He.

2019年第七届“在云上”国际现场艺术节上的“即兴派对”2019.8.28 cheap酒吧

"Improvised Party" at the 7th "On the Cloud"

 International Live Art Festival 2019.8.28 cheap bar


After the above four "don't", let's go back to his exhibition in the 10th square. For Libin He's huge creative ecology, the solo exhibition is similar to the gene sample of slicing research, sorting out creative clues and presenting the representative intention there in, which is limited but effective. This time, it is expected that large-scale paintings created by artists based on their works of behavior over the past 22 years will also present the scene of behavior with his personal representative symbols and several video files of key performance art creations. For Libin He who is in his prime, this exhibition is undoubtedly just a rest on the road of intensive and full creation.


Welcome to the exhibition hall and talk with the rhythm of Yunnan people.

——  胡燕子

——Yanzi Hu

■ ■ 藝術家介紹 ■ ■

About the Artist




Libin He, Naxi nationality, was born in Yunnan in 1973, graduated with a BA from the School of Fine Arts, Southwest University in 1996, completed the postgraduate course of Nanjing University of the Arts in 2003, and has taught in the School of Fine Arts of Yunnan Arts University since 1996.  He serves as the Deputy Secretary-General of Yunnan Oil Painting Society, Director of Yunnan Oil Painting Art Committee, and contributor to the Contemporary Art. 

He has been engaged in various artistic practices such as painting, performance art, poetry, art criticism, art exhibitions, etc. He has participated in more than 100 exhibitions in cities like Kunming, Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Xi'an, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guiyang, Tianjin, Changsha, Haikou, Dali, Lijiang, Nanchang, Macao, Hong Kong in China, Oslo in Norway, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Daegu in South Korea, Uppsala in Sweden, Venice in Italy, Bangkok in Thailand, Tokyo in Japan, Manila in Philippines, Trencin in Slovakia, Prague in Czech, Krakow in Poland, Rangoon in Myanmar etc. He has planned and presided over more than 60 art exhibitions, devoting himself to the cross-cultural practices and planning of live arts in the context of globalization. Among the major exhibitions planned are "Jianghu - Experimental Art Exhibition" (2005-2007), "May Third Youth Art Festival" (2014-2017), "Above the Cloud - International Live Art Festival" (2009- present), etc. He has published a monographs "The Long Deep Breath - Yunnan Contemporary Art Review and Interview (2003-2014)". 

His personal works, which primarily focus on combining conceptual art and Oriental poetics, have won the Annual Experimental Award of the Fourth New Star Art Festival in 2013, and made him awarded as the Outstanding Artist at the Macau Documentaries of Performance Art in 2015. His personal works have been collected by art institutions and individual collectors from China, the United States, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands and other countries.

■ ■ 藝術家過往作品介紹 ■ ■

Introduction to Previous Works







Date: 2009-now

Location: China, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Hungary, Thailand……


Stores and seals the breath of everything,

leaving it open to future humans









Date: Sep.6, 2012

Location: Uppsala Museum, Sweden





Tearing, and struggling to free from my own shadow









<"Red Sea" in "The Trilogy of Homecoming">

Date: Jan.18~23,2016

Location: Changjiang Museum Of Contemporary Art, Chongqing

Plan: Use the newspaper to lay a ruin of nearly 200 square meters on the ground, and use a bamboo stick to beat the newspaper on the ruin until the newspaper breaks to form a road.

Process: From 14:00 on January 18, 2016 to 18:00 on January 23, 2016, there will be a total of 6 days. Bamboo sticks will be slapped on the ridges of the newspaper for 5 hours, 30 days for 6 days, until the newspaper is broken to form a road. The ridges were shattered at 18:00 on the 23rd to form a complete road that runs across the ruins.

Interpretation of the work: In the Bible Old Testament, circa 1445 BC, Moses led the Israelites to flee the Egyptian slavery out of Egypt. When crossing the Red Sea with the help of God, he split the Red Sea with a wooden stick and the road forward was passed The Red Sea, after 40 years of wandering in the wilderness, finally arrived in Canaan for permanent residence. After the Industrial Revolution, "God" was absent, and the lack of faith brought a series of problems: ecological destruction, frequent wars, moral loss, homeland fall, and "ruins" everywhere. Today, in an era of fragmented civilization with the tumult of all living beings, the road to regaining faith is arduous and long. Only by establishing the determination and courage to move forward resolutely can we open the road to returning home and return to the spirit Hometown.





Date: Jul.7, 2018, 12:10-14:10

Location: Pohoda Music Festival, Slovakia

Process: Staring at a white balloon for two hours, keeping a certain distance from each other, the balloons constantly produce subtle movements under the influence of the air flow, and I also have subtle movements, trying to maintain a close relationship with the balloons.



























Time: April 2-13, 2019
Location: The Quarry, the Xiaoqing River, the Tailings Factory, the Guniu Mount, Datuo Village, DongChuan, Tanpeng Village Huize 
Process: For 11 days from April 2 to 13, 2019, the artists visited the factories and fields in Dongchuan. With whatever was available on site, they improvised performance art to have dialogues with factories, ruins, fields, rivers and mountains. A total of 18 performance art works were completed in 11 days. They consist of the “Stories of DongChuan”.


Dark earth

Burning Wave Roll

A dust

Pause at noon in April

Listen to the Sun Whisper

Responding to the Wind God’s Greetings

The sun and the stars

Look at each other









Like a frame of illusion

Run away from the fingertips

In an instant

Under the sky

Think and forget





■ ■ 展覽信息 ■ ■

Exhibition Information

《打開宇宙》- 和麗斌個展

- Solo Exhibition of Libin He


行爲現場:2020.01.11 20:10~20:30

Opening Time:2020.01.11(Sat.)19:30

Behavior Performance: 2020.01.11 20:10~20:30

展覽周期: 2020.01.11 – 01.19、02.08 – 02.16

(每周五至周日 14:00 – 18:00)

Exhibition Time: 2020.01.11 – 01.19、02.08 – 02.16 

(Friday to Sunday 14:00 – 18:00)

地點: 重慶 · 黃桷坪 · 十方藝術中心

Venue: Dimensions Art Center (DAC), Huangjueping, Chongqing


Art Director: Tu Zeng


Curator: Yanzi Hu


Academic Observer: Jun Liu


Coordination: Jing He


Sponsored by: Dimensions Art Center (DAC)


Supporting Media: