Double Exhibition <Night Swimming> #10

ArtistChingching Yang(CN), Zifeng Shi(CN)

Curator:Xiaofeng Yu

Opening Party2014.10.12  19:30

Exhibition Duration2014.10.12 - 2014.10.24(Fri.-Sun. 14:00 - 18:00)

AddressDimensions Art Center(DAC)

Activity Description

‘Daily life’ is a short name for those things we got used to or another way to describe the things we know too well, and in using this name we won’t waste a seconds to think about what things mean, because they just ‘are’ like that.

While living this ‘daily life’, there often seems no mystery left, and frequently it may seem only death can get us out of this boring world. This maybe right to the most, however, only until some of us start to doubt and questions the exactitude of this condition.
‘Rebels’ are always the younger ones who newly entry to this world, like Chingching Yang and Stoneve. The olders’ tiredness or fear of ‘daily life’ is inexistent in their experience. The world is too fresh for them to have either pride or prejudice, and a youthful curiousness leads them to enter into this hard long history from a totally new perspective or direction. They just slide into history easily, softly, making it seem like the hardness is just a preposterous joke. And they serve to remind that everyone of us once had this magic power. But this time they hold the camera.
Everything present in their exhibition is a trip guided by the two photographers, while at the same time being a continuing and developing of ‘daily life’. Everything they discovered will become their ‘daily life’, and it will wrap them in their future, while the future them will be covered in it. But for now this trip shows us ‘daily life’ also has its preposterous, unexpected, cute and weird moments. Maybe it is a beast sometimes, but not now, for the two photographers managed to tame that beast. So love it well unless your spoiled beast gets the best of you.
(When I talked to Chingching and Stoneve about the theme of their work, they said their secret is to follow ‘instinct’. It’s an un-precise and obscure word, this instinct. Why not just face up to ‘daily life’ and pretend you have never been in the so-called real one?) 


Nightswimming, Photography, Zifeng Shi, 2014


Opening Party of the Exhibition