Solo Exhibition <Surface> #13

ArtistXinwen Liao(CN) 

Curator:Tudor Bratu

Opening Party2014.11.30  19:30

Exhibition Duration2014.11.30 - 2014.12.20(Fri.-Sun. 14:00 - 18:00)

AddressDimensions Art Center(DAC)

Introduction by Artist

This exhibition is a presentation of my vision of the period from 2008-2013. I was not taking photos at anytime, I prefer to follow my feeling, let it lead me to take my actions. I’m interested in the daily life around, and always seeking my passion from it, while I was walking I was always watching people and things around me and looked for the moment which I felt couldn’t help to press the button on my camera. The world is colorful and playful, has so many different dimensions, I focused on the surface of life. It likes the material of life’s skin, they combined together then became what we have saw and became the life we got used to.

- Xinwen Liao

Activity Description

John Berger’s book, Ways of Seeing, begins with the claim that “Seeing comes before words”. In the case of visual art, and especially photography, it is not seeing which precedes words, but observing, documenting, indexing, gathering, and imagining. Liao Xinwen’s work is in this sense a  clear example of a documentary tradition, turned to personal observation.
But what does John Berger mean when he relates “seeing” to “words”? It is the act of seeing, or the act of photography by analogy, which provides us with subject. But it is words in the case of sight, and presentation in the case of art, which lead us to understanding. Berger’s implied claim, that “seeing” is not enough, and that we need words to explain observations, is answered by Liao Xinwen through her presentation. She leads us on a backward journey towards understanding the process of observation and creation itself: from the apparently finished photograph in the first room, to moving image in the second, to light as the source of image, and finally to sketch, collection, and primary chaos in the last room. In this sense, while her photographs could be understood as personal documentary observations, her presentation must be read as an essay on the transition between seeing and speaking.



Surface, Photography


Opening Party of the Exhibition