Solo Exhibition <I Am Totally Up> #14

ArtistPaulien Bremmer(NL) 

Curator:Tudor Bratu

Opening Party2014.11.30  19:30

Exhibition Duration2014.11.30 - 2014.12.20(Fri.-Sun. 14:00 - 18:00)

AddressDimensions Art Center(DAC)

Activity Description

Paulien Bremmer Architecture + Urbanism is an interdisciplinary studio working on all scales of the contemporary urban landscape. Every project is seen as  a multidisciplinary process whereby the ongoing relationship between program and context is being tested and researched. In the process of design, choices are made to develop a project which opens up ambiguous possibilities and scenario's. Through intensive collaboration with clients, users, advisors and other stakeholders, a project is conceived as a multiple authorship resulting in a design as a precise construction of choices and  ideas. Especially in the contemporary European condition where, both in  architecture and planning a shift is made from a focus on the 'new' to the transformation of the 'present', the office claims a modern, innovative and critical  position.A stand which is both sensitive to the past as daring towards the future. Paulien Bremmer uses her autonomous work as a breeding ground for the studio's commissioned work.


When the level of the Volga drops the island disappears completely under water during winter. Residents of the opposite Russian city built huts there in spring to stay on the island during summer. Before everything submerges  in the autumn they bury their household  goods in the ground. Two seasons  later they dig them up again and restore them to their pristine state. The island does not belong to anybody.
Fascinated by the autonomy and the idea that she could also temporarily  appropriate the land, Paulien Bremmer stayed unprepared and not able to speak the language in an abandoned hut and made a portrait.


Arkadi, Video