Solo Exhibition <Sky,Sea,Earth,Ball> #16

ArtistLotte Geeven(NL)

Opening Party2014.12.21  19:30

Exhibition Duration2014.12.21 - 2015.01.4(Fri.-Sun. 14:00 - 18:00)

Address :Dimensions Art Center(DAC)

Activity Description

Look around you. Do you see
the city?  It looks normal right? Now imagine this place before the city. A place withonly mountains, trees and two rivers that meet. This city once was an idea. Future always starts with an idea, future is always on its’ way to you.
A short commercial for a new future on its’ way to you.

By Lotte Geeven


Sky, Video, 2014

A riot; so slow that no one sees.
Excerpt of 3-hour film for the context of this show, 4K

By Lotte Geeven


Ball, Video, 2014

Forces of the cosmos choreograph water; they create tides, waves, floods, swirls and currents. They also move the tea inside your cup. All you need to do is look to see.
300 kg of white
300 kg of black
9000 litres of water
This work is part of the project 127109 & 127110
127109 & 127110
Imagine. You are halfway a transatlantic flight and look down on the vast sea nine kilometer below you. You see nothing but sea. What are the odds two things will meet there in the middle of this 76.762.000 km² territory? Zero. Or many not? This question was reason for artist Lotte Geeven to put things to the test. She brought in an international team of scientists specialized in studying the behavior of the sea to search for an answer. Two sensory robots named 127109 & 127110 were brought to life and were deployed 7000 kilometers apart in the currents on opposing sides of the Atlantic Ocean; One in The Gulf of Mexico and the other far out the Portuguese coast. The location and time of the deployment of both objects has been carefully calculated in order to optimize the chances of an encounter.
chances of an encounter. At the mercy of the sea’s slow choreography, 27109 & 127110 are predicted to meet in the middle within the timespan of a year; the place where two giant currents curl around. The moment the two robots touch the water; the project’s outcome is entirely ruled by the forces of nature…at least that was the plan.127109recently got stolen by a Moroccan ship and now rests in the harbor of a small coast village in Morocco. The thieve does not know there is a high-tech GPS inside the ball that allows us to see every move he makes. After Christmas Lotte will travel to the coast village to meet thieve and the robot.
Follow the adventurous journey on the website


Sea, Video, 2014


Sea, Installation, 2014

A small observatory for sounds underneath the art-centre.
20-20.000 Hz sensitive microphone
21 man-made holes of various depths
21 trumpets and one trombone
21 speakers
The megacity of Chongqing is build upon a vast rock formation; an ancient mountainous landscape that now caries skyscrapers and millions of people on her back. Here we can hear construction works; cars, voices; wind through the leaves and buzzing cell phones all day and night. But what sound is below our feet?  Below the soil? Below the rock? Did you ever wonder?
Artist Lotte Geeven had this question since she was a child and collected a team of top scientists to search for an answer. The team said: ‘Lotte, it will be totally silent down there;but anyway we will try, you made us curious.’They met last year at the deepest hole in the planet; a 9 km dark hole toward the centre of the earth located in the border of the Czech Republic. A recording device able to resist extremely high temperatures was lowered into the hole, In the middle of long recording of silence a very deep dark sound appeared; the scientists where stunned. This recording went viral on the Internet. This was a small first step towards an ambitious project. Together with DAC; Lotte Geeven aims to make a super deep hole in the public space of Chongqing. An acoustic instrument for the sound of the earth; a place where you and I can sit together to hear the earth spins and growl below our feet.
Is this art? Up to you to decide. Artist Lotte Geeven believes art can change a society by becoming part of it. Art can have any form: a business; a story or a hole that brings you a sound you have never heard before.


Earth, Sound insallation, 2014