Presentation #15

Artists:Christian Schellenberger

Time:2014.11.22  14:30

Address:Dimensions Art Center(DAC)

Introduction by Artist

My artistic practice is primarily based on drawing, though I have also experience in photography, video as well as painting. I draw because it is direct, fast and physical. Another advantage of this medium is that I can do it almost everywhere. Generally I aim towards bringing something from outside onto the paper, which is why I begin my work outside of the studio (similar to a photographer). The process of drawing is determined through a play of control and chance. During the progress of drawing I rather see what happens than having clear intentions, picking up what comes on the way, bouncing between having and loosing control. I don´t want to represent anything. I am rather interested in achieving an open texture, which allows the spectator to see something different, anytime looking at it.

- Christian Schellenberger

Activity Description


the Lecture


Operation City Bombing, Bleistift auf Papier, 200 x 150 cm, 2008


Abrasion, Rohrfeder und Tusche auf Papier, weiterverarbeitete Zeichnungen, 280 x 530 cm, 2011