About Dimension Art Center (DAC)

DAC is a non-profitable art organization, situated in Jiulong peninsula, Chongqing, China. How can art culture grow and interact with society in cross-field, cross-media, cross-discipline background has been mainstream discussion for art agencies under circumstances of the globalization, creative-driven growth and balanced development of urban and rural areas taking place in Chongqing. DAC practice in following four respects to respond to the discussion by hosting art activities, public events, artist residence plan, supporting to academy research studio, participating in social program, educational reforms etc.


Academy Research

Growing in a professional environment lay substantial basis for the creative development of art and culture. Thus we establish the exchange platform for academy research with hope to allow professionals to grow well and work free. In the meantime, we manage to link reasonable resources to promote each area of all aspects, creating a favorable sharing system of academy research. 。

In response, we carried out International Residency Plan and a long-term Supporting Plan for research studios in field and other sustained art activities. We expect all professionals to get more possibilities and results throughout the exchanges on the platform.


Art & Public

Main objectives of DAC is to better and promote the relationship between art and public in two directions:

The first is to engage public in our public art activities and establish a new recognition among the public on art or art organizations.

The second is to encourage artist to think more about the relationship between art, public and society and create with more interaction with society


Art & Society

We explore a way to engage art in social construction in the background of Chinese social reform: providing professional advices, contents and plans to all respects of the society; establishing a cooperative, reciprocative and win-win co-existence relationship by providing artists platforms for more expressions, resources and fund.

DAC practice the power of art in regional art eco-system building, urban community engagement, traditional industry reform, rural area renewal, protection on cultural resources etc. Professional task forces are teamed up according to different projects including city planning engineers, scientists, scholars, folk craftsmen, artists, curators, indigenous groups ect to meet professional requirements of each project and promote cross-disciplinary study and cooperation.


Art & Education

Chinese Art Academies are going through systematic reforms under new era of social development. DAC is exploring new art education mode and projects together with the process of Sichuan Art Institute education reform.


History & Foundation

DAC is short for Dimension Art & Culture Creative Center of Jiulongpo District Chongqing. Registered at the end of 2013 and put to operation in early 2014, with almost a total covering of 3000㎡ including an exhibition hall of 550 ㎡, studios of photograph, metal, wood, dyeing, music, 20 independent studios, reception room for academic counselors and infrastructures as cafe and kitchens.



Exhibition Hall



Studios In Residence


Metal Studio


Wood Studio


Photography Studio


Music Studio

Dyeing Studio