Introduction of DAC 

Dimensions Art Center (DAC), established in 2013, is located in the Huangjueping art district on the Jiulong Peninsula, Chongqing, China. Situated in a former arts institute covering an area of 3000 ㎡, the Art Center features academic research, art exhibition, and public education.

Dimensions Art Center is officially registered as a community-run non-enterprise institution (Non-Governmental (NGO) and Non-profit (NPO) institution) in the Bureau of Civil Affairs in Jiulongpo District, and superintended by the Cultural Committee of Jiulongpo District, Chongqing.

In the past decade, Chongqing has witnessed fast internationalization, urbanization and an unprecedented creative cultural boom. Confronted with these new trends, art institutions are seeking cross-disciplinary and cross-media developments and better interaction with all walks of life. As a non-profit third-party art institution, Dimensions Art Center shoulders the responsibility of contributing to a robust and viable culture of Chinese art.

Major honors:

 · In 2015, the third Prize of Chongqing Municipal Planning and Mapping Technology Progress Award, “Jiulong Peninsula Cultural and Creative Activation Program”.
 · In 2017, won the honorary unit of the municipal “Chongqing National Art Popularization Demonstration Project”.
 · In 2017, won the honorary title of “Jiulongpo District Model Demonstration Public Innovation Space” at the district level.
 · In 2018, the membership units of“Chongqing Culture and People's Consumption Alliance”, and will be included in the list of “The Second Chongqing Culture and People's Consumption Season” innovative business model subsidy units.
 · In 2018, in the 4th Small and Medium-sized Micro-enterprise Innovation Service Festival in Chongqing, won the “Chongqing Star of Entrepreneurship and Innovation” selection and winning prize.

Major projects:
 · In 2015, the third Prize of Chongqing Municipal Planning and Mapping Technology Progress Award, “Jiulong Peninsula Cultural and Creative Activation Program”. The project was led by the Jiulongpo District Yulong Group, and DAC cooperated with Beijing Zhonghai Huayi Urban Planning and Design Co., Ltd. to form a joint working group, providing ideas and framework for the development of regional cultural and creative industries for Jiulongpo District.
 · In 2015, the key construction project of Chongqing Municipal Supply and Marketing Cooperatives, “Chongqing Jingyu International Cultural and Creative Industry Park Project”.
 · In 2016, the key project of Chongqing Municipality, “Study on the Chongqing Homestay Selected and Poverty Alleviation Model in Northeast Chongqing”, led by Chongqing Planning and Natural Resources Bureau.
 · In 2016, in cooperation with the Cross-media Studio of the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, the establishment of the “Social Practice Teaching Base of the Cross-media Studio of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute” was built in DAC.
 · In 2017, “Research on the Development Model of Modern Service Industry in Creative Park and Industrial Heritage Conservation in Chongqing”,the project of Chongqing Municipal Planning Bureau.
 · In 2017, “Changshou Three Inverted Traditional Landscape Area Protection and Utilization Planning Project”, the project of Chongqing Changshou District Planning Bureau.
 · In 2017, the DAC united with two international art exchange agencies in Huangjueping, Jiulongpo District, and actively interacted with various departments of the Jiulongpo District Government. Under the guidance of the Jiulongpo District Government, the “Jiulong Peninsula Contemporary Art Development Foundation” was prepared to build for the entrepreneurship development of creative group.
 · In 2017, in cooperation with the New Media Art Department of the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and the Department of Public Courses, the “Teaching Field Base of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute” was established in DAC.
 · In 2017, we collaborated with the Incheon Art Platform (IAP) and the Incheon Foundation for Arts and Culture (IFAC) to conduct the normalization of the “Art Cooperation and Exchange Program”.
 · In 2017, in cooperation with the Jeonbuk Art Museum (JMA) in Korea, the International Artist Residency Exchange Program was established.
 · In 2017, under the support and guidance of Jiulongpo District Government, Jiulongpo District Yulong Group and other relevant government departments, the “DLAF2017 The 1st Dimensions International Live Art Festival in Chongqing” was held.
 · In 2018, cooperated with the Internationalized Artistic Talents Program of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute to jointly establish the “Teaching Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute & the Practice Teaching Base of DAC”.
 · In 2018, in cooperation with the School of Public Art of the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, the “The 3rd International Workshop of Public Art Education of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute” was co-organized.
 · In 2018, initiated and organized the “DLAF2018 The 2nd Dimensions International Local Art Festival” with the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, in conjunction with other domestic and foreign universities and local institutions.
 · In 2019, supported by the Jiulongpo District Government and the company Yulong Group of government platform, sponsored by Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Chongqing Photographers Association, and Chongqing Artists Association, DAC co-organized with the New Media Department of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Academy of Public Art, the Sculpture Department, the Tongmen Art Center, and Chongqing Juchen Culture Communication Co., Ltd., jointly hosted the “Time Mirror - The First Chongqing International Experimental Visual Art(photograph&video) Biennale (2018-2019 Huangjueping)”.