Janae’ Sumter(美國|USA)

十方青年駐留藝術家|DAC Emerging Resident Artist
駐留周期|Residence Period:
2021.5.20 - 2021.8.20

藝術家簡介|CV of the Artist:

Janae’ Sumter ,Ta是生長在美國路易斯安那州新奧爾良的藝術家,也是中國的青年基礎藝術教育者、藝術故事講述者、社團編織者和能量醫師。Janae採用很多創造性的治療方式工作,旨在為思想解放、知識共享、個人反思、代際聯繫和集體行動創造空間。Ta的實踐培育了一個多元融合的中間地帶作為相互學習、相互理解、彼此尊重的空間,這通過發辮、社群中心設施、反思性對話、表演劇場、草藥治療和易獲得的材料組合(例如天然染料和紙板)達成。

Janae’ Sumter (they/them) is a New Orleans, LA, USA native and China based arts youth educator, artistic storyteller, community weaver and energy practitioner. Janae’ works with a multitude of creative healing modalities that curates intentional space for liberation, knowledge sharing, personal reflection, intergenerational connection and collective empowerment.Their practice cultivates a middle ground for integration that honors space for learning and understanding.This actualizes through hair braiding, community centered installations, reflective conversations, performance work, herbal remedies and material assemblages made with accessible materials like natural dyes and cardboard.

Janae是Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary LLC的創始人,經營以社團為主導的社交媒體平台和草藥業務,為新興的色彩社團提供中心療癒、個人覺悟、創意編程和社群支持。Ta同時也是在社群內熱情工作、幫助激發對於合作重要性的認知、經認證的創意生活指導師和靈氣治療醫師。Ta 受到過國家地理雜誌、甘蔗雜誌、休會藝術、Lichtundfire畫廊、視覺教具等雜誌的贊揚。

Janae’ is the founder of Sweet Herbal Honey Apothecary LLC, a community-led social media platform and herbal business that centers healing, personal awareness, creative programming and community support for emerging communities of color. They are also a Certified Creative Life Coach and Reiki Practitioner who works passionately within their community to help inspire the importance of affirmed collaboration. They’ve been recognized by the National Geographic Magazine November 2019 Issue, Sugarcane Magazine, Recess Art, Lichtundfire  Gallery, Visual Aids and more… 

關於本次駐留|About Residency:

我的駐留計劃是通過用藝術創造理解而有意策劃的空間來探索「連接」的概念及其實現。「連接」 可以由人、運動、研究、物質、歷史、反思和文化的互動和融合達到的共同深度來顯現。

My residency plan is to explore concepts and actualizations of connection through intentionally curated space for using art to create understanding. Connection can be manifested through people, movement, research, material, history, reflection and communal depth through interaction and integration of culture. 


This will present itself through material based installations, arts focused workshops with local youth and community activations. My overall exhibition will flourish as each person invites themselves into the curated space for interactive activities, meaningful conversations and youth creations that encourage intercultural togetherness.


《聯繫的故事:穿越靛藍海之旅》,美國藝術家Janaè Sumter個展

“Stories of Connection: A Journey through the Indigo Sea”, Solo Exhibition by American Artist Janaè Sumter