“To reach human hearts by arts and culture. Serve the local society and live in symbiosis with all parties concerned.”

1. 機構简介|Institution Profile:



Dimensions Art Center (DAC) in Jiulongpo District, Chongqing, is a non-profit organization initiated by Mr. Zeng Tu in 2013 and formally registered in Jiulongpo District Civil Affairs Bureau.

DAC is rooted in the genes of Eastern culture, open to exchanges between international cultures, dynamically maintain observation and understanding of the scene of Chinese society, and always emphasize the cognitive support of disciplines, with academic research, art and cultural exchanges, art and social projects Planning and implementation, and public education are practical paths, discussing the interaction between art and culture and Chinese society and social development, building a multi-party collaboration model of shared symbiosis, promoting the active participation of artists and cultural groups in social construction, responding to social issues, and helping Chinese society systematized and ecological growth.

2. 本體社群建構|Art Community Cultivation:


People pursue and realize dreams. What DAC wants to pursue is a “big dream,” and this big dream is bound to be done by the “people of all kinds” who have “no boundaries” together. Openness, Sharing, and Growth are the core visions that everyone adheres to. Based on this, people from different countries, regions, practice fields, professions, ages with the same ambitions get together to be sincere, which has also contributed to realizing the big dream.

3. 藝術與區域構建|Art and Regional Contribution:



Dimensions Art Center is located in Huangjueping, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing. This is a real place and a place with rich content. Many DAC community partners also have inextricable and long-lasting clues and emotions with this “place.” As residents here and as local non-governmental organizations here, we naturally and have a sense of responsibility to think about how to complement the organization’s power and the region’s construction and carry out the practice. Through residency programs and innovative research programs, domestic and foreign artists, curators, designers, entrepreneurs, intellectuals, etc., gathered in Huangjueping to understand regional development related issues under the linkage and organization of institutions. Local government and the public in the community interact with a large-scale composite “art and social projects,” “community aesthetic education workshops,” “exhibitions,” and other forms to respond to cultural heritage, community renewal, and industrial upgrading in the process of regional construction. There are also special projects of domestic and foreign universities and foundation projects.

DAC began to explore art participation and assisted regional construction from the region where it was located, and obtained first-hand experience and results, and tried to export relevant experience results in a model, and strive to better respond to different types of regional construction with the participation of the art community problem. The definition, concepts, responsive questions, and roles that art can play are still chaotic and slightly weak in China’s vast and changeable society at different scales. All these above attempts are still in the process.

4. 學術文獻|Academic Documents: