Kevin Pinvidic(加拿大|CA)

十方青年駐留藝術家|DAC Emerging Resident Artist
駐留周期|Residence Period:

藝術家簡介|CV of the Artist:




· 部分展覽

2019 項目進行中,若利耶特藝術美術館,魁北克

2018 「再現」,魁北克大學蒙特利爾分校

2018 「容器」, 達令基金會,蒙特利爾

2017 「亭與閣」,蒙特利爾美術學院,蒙特利爾

2016 「流動的疆域」, 現代空間畫廊,蒙特利爾

2016 「城市射線」, SORA畫廊,日本

2016 「赫賓3D循環」, 抽象計劃,巴黎

2018Master degree in visual and media arts, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM), Canada

2010Bachelors in architecture, Versailles’ National School of Architecture, France

2008Senior technician certificate in space design, National School of Applied Arts – école Boulle, Paris

· Exhibitions

2019 Still under construction, Art museum of Joliette, Joliette, Quebec, 

2018 Re-excavations, CDEx, UQAM, Montreal

2018 Appareillage, Darling Foundry, Griffintown district, Montreal

2017 Pavillon, Old school of Fine Arts of Montreal, Montreal

2016 Unstable territories, Espace Contemporain gallery, Montreal

2016 Urban radiography, Sora gallery, Japon

2016 Herbin 3D loop, Description Project, Paris

關於本次駐留|About Residency:



My research begins by walking and drifting in the city, looking for details that catch my attention, change my perception and active my imagination. During thoses moments of wandering, I collect notes, writings and drawings, images and videos, objects, materials and wastes. All this makes an inventory ready to transpose and reorganize my experience in many forms of plastic researches : drawing, painting, sculpture, virtual images, 3D animation, installation. In fact, from this materials, my work pursue the movement initiated in the city, with all the unexpected involved : hazard, error, accident, distraction, discovery. My aim is to produce layouts (in 2D, 3D, real or virtual) whon invite spectators to perceive differently what surrounds them. Those creates a representation of the urban space and his use according to my movement in the city at some point of her unceasing transformation. 

This process is leading by a critical reflection on the standardization and the alienation of the uses in the Modern city related to how she is thought, conceived and constructed.


十方駐留|《CCC》加拿大藝術家Kevin Pinvidic個人作品展。

DAC AIR | < CCC> Residency Exhibition by Canadian artist Kevin Pinvidic.