Cecilia Ivanchevich(阿根廷|ARG)

十方國際駐留藝術家|DAC International Resident Artist
駐留周期|Residence Period:

藝術家簡介|CV of the Artist:


| 全國個展 National individual exhibitions


2016,對應點,Cecilia Caballero畫廊





Cecilia Ivanchevich is an Argentine artist and curator. She was trained at the National University of Arts and the National University of Tres de Febrero, both of Buenos Aires. In 2014 she received a scholarship for artistic residency at the “Cite Internationale des Arts” in Paris. Between 2011 and 2015 she presented her project “Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Art” in Argentina, France and Austria.

|  National individual exhibitions

2018 Rhythms and variations on a theme, OSDE Foundation

2016 Counterpoints, Cecilia Caballero Gallery

2014 Synergies, Rubbers International Gallery

2014 The rhythms of the triangle: dialogues and sound visual variations, Interdisciplinary project, Galerie Cité Internacionale des Arts, Paris

2012 Argentine Art & Design in Italy, Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali,Torino, Italy

2011 UNIART, Università degli Studi di Roma, Italic Forum, Rome, Italy

關於本次駐留|About Residency:


My work is framed in the tradition of Latin American geometric art. The image is a language, which in many cases helps to cross borders. For me, the relationship of visual elements with space is very important.In the drawings I inspire myself in the use of the space proposed by the Oriental tradition, where silence is as important as what is said.This leads me to think about the relationship between image and sound (silence), between visual arts and music, and the concepts shared between them. I like to think about those bridges and transpositions of languages. Therefore, to make my works I use concepts such as composition, time, texture, rhythm, contrasts, tensions, among others. I could say that in my work all these elements are combined in counterpoint. In music, this means talking about note against note, in my way of understanding the drawing, it raises a relationship between elements to suggest a system of tensions and calm.


《天地》2020 烏拉圭 & 阿根廷 & 中國文化交流周。

< Cosmovisiones> Semana de intercambio cultural entre Uruguay, Argentina y China de 2020.