十方展覽|《這個 MUNDO CRAZY!》一個西班牙人在中國的漫畫筆記

​展覽開幕 Opening Ceremony

2020.10.3(週六 Sat.19:00

展覽地點 Exhibition Location
Dimensions Art Center, Huangjueping, Chongqing

Javi Fernandez:
Hola, peng you!

If you are reading these lines it is because of a friend’s generosity. In reality, this exhibition showcases two different works: “Draw my day” and “Nonsense”. Both projects have at its origin the will to communicate and share an experience with those faraway.


But to be strictly true, all this began earlier.  From 2013 to 2015 I made every day a one-page comic of my life with a pen. Every panel was a window of creativity out of the ordinary habits as a teacher in Barcelona. I filled three Moleskine notebooks and even if I don’t remember what I intended to record back then, it still brings a smile.


It involved many of the people surrounding me at that time: friends, family and, of course, my students. One of the funniest things when you register your thoughts and everyday moments  is that you could identify some patterns in your life that seem apparently random: from the huge amount of croissants I would eat during a year or the periodic presence of penguins.


When I arrived in China, my students still wanted me to be in contact with them and tell them all about this fascinating country. As the life was vibrant and incredibly busy, I aimed for a more modest approach: one day, one page. That’s why I simply called it Drawmyday. My first intention was to seize the moment, in it’s both senses: living it up and capturing as much as I can in my notebook.



As time went by, China impressed me for its vibrant and constant change. The places, the people , the clouds, all seemed to be in motion. Inadvertently, reality and fiction got mixed. Every element of my life then seemed to be the copy of an unknown original. The reflection of the “fake-is-new-real” attitude, led to a small daily project called “Non-sense”.

Both works are complementary. Their unique aspiration is to have the entity of a friend’s conversation.

Welcome and thanks for watching! 
– Javier Fernandez

Introduction to the Artist

Javier Fernandez (西班牙 | ESP)

哈威爾·費爾南德斯(Javier Fernández),1984年生於西班牙穆爾西亞市。現于西班牙駐華大使館任教育顧問。他也是教授西班牙文學和拉丁美洲文學的大學教師,漫畫小說作者。2014年,他于巴賽隆納大學獲得了博士學位,發表了一系列比較文學方面的論文和專著《影響的愉悅》(La alegría de las influencias,2017),內容是研究羅貝托·波拉尼奧和美國文學的關係。他的第一部漫畫小說也於2018年由蘭登書屋出版。

Javier Fernández (Murcia, Spain, 1984) is the Education Advisor of the Spanish Embassy in China. He is also a professor of Spanish and Latinoamerican Literature and a Graphic Novel Author. He obtained his PhD in 2014 from University of Barcelona and has published several articles on comparative literature and a book about Roberto Bolaño’s connections with US Literature called La alegría de las influencias  (2017). His first graphic novel was published by Random House in 2018. The Chinese version will be published by Horizon Publishing (Shanghai).


Information of the Exhibition

A Comic Diary of A Life in China
藝術家 Artist
Javier Fernandez (西班牙 | ESP)
策展人 Curator
Guillermo Bravo(阿根廷 | ARG)展覽開幕 Opening Ceremony

2020.10.3(周六 Sat.) 19:00

展覽週期 Exhibition Time

2020.10.3 – 10.11

展覽地點 Exhibition Location


Dimensions Art Center, Huangjueping, Chongqing

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