十方展覽 | 《簡單身體運動》藝術家梁祖賢個展



Curator’s Foreword



Joein isthe first Macau artist to come to Chongqing in the artist-in-residence exchangeprogram between Dimensions Art Center and Post-Ox Warehouse, and she carries astructuralist perspective and an oceanic sense from more than a thousandkilometers away.



Everythingabout her creates a perfect but temporary collision with the City of Mountain,Chongqing.





18 days, 1exhibition.

Time is tooshort to study in depth what the ideographic system of ‘Chongqing’ is, and whatkind of cultural significance is meant by ‘the City of Mountain’. The artistsimply borrows the six sense concepts of ‘eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body andmind’ in Buddhism to directly experience and establish mutual relationshipsthrough a series of behaviors in the process. The relationship is meaning, theaction is expression. And here comes the final ‘simple Body Exercise’.


the artist caught a phrase from the local dialect he heard in a teahouse in Chongqing, and wrote it on the cover of A Lover’s Discourse Fragments



18days,11 works.

Theseworks present several different perspectives for the artist to feel the‘local-ness’: presenting the dilemma of language communication with localpeople and the beautiful misunderstanding of semantics in the process oftransmission (imitating friends speaking and dictating in a tea-house); Ways torespond to communication dilemmas (reading and water); or like Beuys’s Howto Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare, it shows the huge meaning gapbetween text, language, ritual and instinct (reading and feeding the cat); Fromdifferent perspectives such as smell, taste, vision, and body sense to start aslice by slice capture of unfamiliar places (fruits, breath, Walking on the stairs and red),and try to establish some kind of indirect interaction with the audience (‘sendthe artist some sweets’ and ‘people will be rewarded for cuteness andkindness’); these works even derived a series of cute and serious methods ofaction.

《一果二食》 One step Two stairs Upward

行為錄像 Performance Video

2021年12月創作於重慶 Created in Chongqing in December 2021



When these simple physical actions are connected because of Joein’sresidency, in the context of the time and space between the mountains ofChongqing and the seas of Macau, the exhibition presents a romantic state ofdeconstruction, which is in response to the linguistic book by Roland Barthescited in the works by Joein– A Lover’s Discourse: Fragments.



Welcome for‘A lover’s Discourse’ by Joein.




Hu Yanzi


December 2021



Artist Statement of Exhibition

《兩級一步向上走》One step Two stairs Upward
行為錄像 Performance Video
2021年12月創作於重慶 Created in Chongqing in December 2021


Philosophers often ask about the meaning oflife? If life is meaningless, should we actively move forward or confront it bylying down? Soul exploration is endless and clueless, we know it but stillunconsciously indulge in it. The uncertainty of the future and theconfrontation with life have become an addiction, we let the fear spread andlet the panic sink.


I differentiate the functions of the bodyand soul. I used to name the soul and the body ‘we’ together. If I cantemporarily leave the swirl of my soul, and give time to the body to lead,the simple Body Exercise based on the eyes, ears, nose, tongue and bodywill guide me to return to the relationship between myself and the six roots.


I’m exploring a completely unfamiliar city.When you and I are both doing the same instructional actions, leaving behindfootprints either shallow or deep, similar or different, and then we share moreinexplicable special connections.  ‘We’and ‘We’ do not rely on each other, or even know eachother, but here we are, a simple nod for our both existence.




December 2021


■ ■ 藝術家介紹 ■ ■ 

Introduction to the Artist

梁祖賢畢業於澳門理工學院設計系,大學時期開始藝術創作。作品曾於中國大陸 、台灣、香港、澳門等地區,和韓國等國家展出。並在「A’國際設計大獎」 (全球領先的國際年度設計比賽)、「澳門設計雙年展」獲得海報設計及書籍設計等金、銀、銅獎項。

Joein graduated from Macao Polytechnic Institute, majored in design. She started art practice during her college years. Her works have been exhibited in regions as Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, as well as South Korea, and other countries. She has won gold, silver and bronze awards for poster design and book design at A Design & Competition (the world’s leading international annual design competition) and the Macao Design Biennale.


《澳門視覺藝術聯展 2021》、《靜默.影照》、 《靜默‧移轉》(澳門城市藝穗節)、《云云-觀念攝影作品展》,《影落此城》(澳門藝術節重演)、《EXiM2020—澳門實驗錄像活動》、《腦背山下攝影展》《20/20澳門字體百分百設計交流展》、《海報設計展•首爾》。

《Collective Exhibition of Macao Visual Arts 2021》、《Tranquil・Luminous》、 《Tranquillity・Transmission》(Macao City Fringe Festival)、《Van Van ── Conceptual Photography works》,《Here she dances》(Macao City Fringe Festival)、《EXiM2020—Macau Experimental Video Festival》、《Below LaoBeiShan: Hengoin Today Photos and Videos Creative Exhibition》、《20/20 Macao Typography Graphic Design Exchange Exhibition》、《Poster Design Exhibition・Seoul》。

以往作品介紹︱Introduction to Previous Works:


A variety of absurdities in a bizarre daily life
錄像裝置 video installation



多媒體舞蹈劇場 Multimedia Dance Theater


As an international artist, should take the initiative in exhibition

錄像裝置 video installation



Exhibition Information


simple Body Exercise“, Artist Joein Solo Exhibition

開幕時間 Opening Time:


展覽週期 Exhibiton Time:

2021.12.19 – 2022.1.09(14:00-18:00)

展覽地點 Exhibiton Location:

重慶 ·  十方藝術中心 ·  A展厅 

Chongqing ·Dimensions Art Center·Hall A

駐留藝術家 Resident Artist:


藝術總監 Art Director曾途 Zeng Tu

策展人 Curator胡燕子 Hu Yanzi

駐留項目負責人 Aresident project leader:何京 He Jing

執行策展人Executive curator:张雪琴 Zhang  Xueqin

執行統籌 Coordinator:劉春利 Liu Chunli

翻譯協助 Translation Assistance周子涵 Zhou Zihan

現場拍攝 Photographer胡克 Ben 

主辦方 Sponsor

十方藝術中心(DAC)Dimensions Art Center (DAC)

澳門牛房倉庫 Macao Ox Warehouse

資助方 Sponsor:

澳門基金會  Fundacao Macau

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