活動現場 | 藝術音樂之夜Cheikh Efrita/Shu Isaka Night:

19:00-19:30  日本的藝術家Shu Isaka展示創作短片《再·宜居》。
19:30-21:30  法國的藝術家Benjamin Efrati呈現基於上世紀二十年代突尼斯流行音樂在、再創作的電子音樂。
Sound performance and live movie screening:
Duo shares their individual practices with local communities. Benjamin performs one of his recent projects (Cheikh Efrita). Shu performs a recent performative movie project (Re-Habitable Zone)
活  動  信  息
活動主題Theme:Cheikh Efrita/Shu Isaka Night藝術音樂之夜
活動時間 Time:2022.06.16(週五)19:00
活動地點  Eexhibition Location:
重慶·十方藝術中心 A展厅
Exhibition Hall A,Dimensions Art Center,Chongqing
Benjamin Efrati(法國)  Shu Isaka(日本)
駐 留 藝 術 家 介 紹
Benjamin Efrati是一位多媒體藝術家。他的作品意在質疑經驗、語言和想象之間的關係,他通過文本、裝置、表演、聲音、電影、插圖、虛擬現實、網絡實踐、視頻遊戲,創造了一個多層次的跨媒體宇宙,讓人想起達達主義和迷幻美學。
作為電子音樂製作人和藝術家多重身份,他還為獲獎動畫短片(「Amok」,Balazs Turai在2022年的作品)和沈浸式電影(「Inner Feels:Everything Flows」,Carin Klonowski在2021年的作品)創作了原創配樂。
1985年出生於日內瓦,畢業於里昂第三大學哲學系和巴黎美術學院多媒體實踐專業。自2020年以來,他在法國社會科學高等研究院(巴黎)攻讀博士學位,研究電子遊戲中對史前史的描述。他在2013年結識了武當武術學校Yuan Xiu Gang的學生Fabien Fromont後接觸了太極拳。
Benjamin Efrati is a media artist. His work questions the relations between experience, language and imagination. He creates a multi-layered transmedia universe reminiscent of Dadaist and Psychedelic aesthetics through texts, installations, performances, sound pieces, films, illustration,VR, web-based practices, video games. Electronic music producer and artist using a multiple digital identities, he also composes original soundtracks for award-winning animated shorts (Amok, Balazs Turai, 2022) and immersive cinema (Inner Feels : Everything Flows, Carin Klonowski, 2021). Born in 1985 in Geneva, graduated Université Lyon 3’s Philosophy Faculty and Beaux-Arts de Paris in multimedia practices. Since 2020, he studies depictions of prehistory in video games as a PhD candidate at EHESS (Paris). He discovered Tai Chi  in 2013 upon meeting Fabien Fromont, a student of Yuan Xiu Gang from the Wudang Wushu School of Martial Arts.
 “Dream Invaders”, Benjamin Efrati, 2020
“Iphigénie”, performance at Faux Positifs solo show(在Faux Positifs個展上的表演), Benjamin Efrati, 2021
“Mushroom”, Benjamin Efrati, from Faux Positifs exhibition(來自Faux Positifs展覽), 2021
“The Gnozo Show”, Benjamin Efrati, 2018, in “Talk Show”, exhibition curated by Nicolas Bourriaud, MOCO, Montpellier 
“Gnozo Show”,Benjamin Efrati,2018,参与由Nicolas Bourriaud策划展览“脱口秀”中,MOCO,位于法国蒙彼利埃
Shu Isaka是完成了東京美術音樂大學中級藝術系博士學位。他在研究在自然環境中的不可察覺現象和人類活動的同時,創作了跨越科學知識和敘事聯想的作品。他利用實地考察鏡頭、3DCG和VR等媒介以及自制的觀察設備,探索了一種融合紀錄片和小說語言獨特的講述風格。
近年來,他前往各國的火山地區製作視頻作品,探索火山活動與周圍地區居民生活,火山與人類之間的獨特交互現象。這不是關於超自然現象,而是關於風險交流,例如如何積極感知和計算與自然現象相關的不確定風險。然而,在他的視頻製作中,他並沒有將其簡化為防災工程或社會學領域探究,而是旨在通過小說這種跳躍性的表達方式來延展它,例如Shu Isaka的作品「Sprout」, 「Sprites」。
Completed the doctoral program of Tokyo University of Fine Arts and Music, Department of  Intermedia Art. While researching imperceptible phenomena in the natural environment and human activities in response to them, he creates works in the realm that crosses scientific knowledge and narrative imagination. Using fieldwork footage, visual media such as 3DCG and VR, and self-made observation devices, he explores a unique storytelling style that mixes documentary and fiction techniques.
In recent years, he has traveled to volcanic regions in various countries to make video works that explore the special communication between volcanoes and humans that occurs in volcanic activities and in the lives of people living in the surrounding areas. This is not about supernatural phenomena, but rather about risk communication, such as how to positively perceive and calculate risks associated with natural phenomena that behave in an uncertain manner. However, in his filmmaking, he does not reduce it to the realm of disaster prevention engineering or sociology, but aims to expand it with a leap forward in fiction. [Reference work: “Sprout”, “Sprites”]
“Sprite”, Shu Isaka
“Sprout”,Shu Isaka

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